Palpitations, heart flutters, lightheaded

I been feeling fine on 50mcg levothyroxine and taking 3 tables in the morning of Nutri Thyroid. But I ran out of Nutri Thyroid about a week ago and began reducing for a few days before because I knew I didn't have many left. I then was having palpitations about 30 minutes after breakfast but then none for the rest of the day. I also had a few instances where I felt a bit spaced out, it went in a second but was scary. I had a delivery on Saturday and took 3 nutri thyroid in the morning, 3 yesterday and 3 today but had more palpitations over the weekend and one just now. Its so scary, only lasts a few seconds but its like waiting to see if its ok. I did have a heart attack 18 months ago so I am very anxious about the heart although nothing was found. It still makes me worried and then it makes it all worse, trying not to get into the anxiety bit but its difficult. Been having a lot of stress with my Mum starting with dementia and having to rush to her home when she is confused. I am not sleeping at all well, tossing and turning and worrying all night. Also got two children at home and my husband is now living with another woman. Apart from that its all hunky dory! I can go for a good walk and not get breathless and don't have any palpitations when walking. I have also noticed my heart beating a bit faster sometimes when at rest or feeling a bit weak. I take vit D, B vits, magnesium, ashwagandha, rhodiola, general multi vits, garlic, I go for two good fast walks a day. I have felt my voice go croaky a few mornings and have been having cramps at night which usually means I am a bit low. I wonder if I have unbalanced my thyroid or caused some adrenal issues with my current stress and bad sleeping. I have been tired and fall asleep ok but wake 3 ish and can't get back to sleep. Then at 7am I fall asleep. Any ideas? The palpitations occur just once or twice a day, but they make me stop and I hold my breath when they happen, I don't mean to I just go into a fear thing, not sure why.

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  • Dramlouie, it might have been stopping the Nutri-Thyroid for a few days that started the palpitations. Give it a week or so back on NT and they'll probably settle down. If you aren't having palpitations after exertion I doubt it will be your heart.

    Waking at 3am can be a stress/cortisol thing. Try a glass of orange juice with a tsp of Himalayan or other good quality salt in it before bed in addition to supplement regime.

  • Oh thanks Clutter, just put my mind at rest. Will try your solution tonight, you are such a help to everyone on this website, your advice is always amazing, you are really appreciated for all the time you put in to help people. xx

  • Thank you, :)

  • Sorry, forgot my results from May 2015 -

    vit D 131 (50-120), B12 1282 (197-866), folate over 20 (4.6-18.7). serum ferritin 65 (12-230), serum c reactive protein 1.1 (0-5), S thyroid peroxidase AV 195.8 (0-35), serum free T3 5.3 (3.1-6.8). This is with 50mcg Actavis and 3 tables Nutri Thyroid in morning.

  • Dramlouie, Thyroid peroxidase is positive for Hashimoto's. It will eventually destroy your thyroid but you may be able to delay it and reduce antibodies by adopting 100% gluten-free diet. FT3 is good.

    VitD, B12 and folate are excellent. Ferritin could be higher, half way through range is optimal. Low CRP is very good.

  • When I got the results from the doctors the receptionist just said fine. It was only when I asked for the printed results when I saw the rise in antibodies, well first time tested for them. I rang the doctor as its difficult to get appointments and she didn't mention Hashimotos or any other problem, just asked if I was feeling ok and to be tested again later. I said I had awful pains and stiffness in my joints and muscles and she didn't answer. What is CRP? How can I raise my ferritin levels. My 91 year old Mum is hypothyroid on 100mcg, just reduced to 75mcg and has never been tested for Hashimotos or T3. I wonder if hormones could be the cause of her dementia, she has taken supplements for years. I put myself on gluten free after having an anxiety attack after I had eaten out and gluten. I am also trying to go grain free, I have managed to reduce by about 95%. I am also sugar free taking Stevia instead but sorry to say I am not wine free, just a little bit maybe at the weekend with lots of water.

  • Dramlouise, most doctors call Hashimoto's autoimmune thyroiditis or chronic thyroiditis. They don't do anything about the autoimmune disease but treat the resulting hypothyroidism. For it to work you need to be 100% gluten-free but it doesn't reduce antibodies in everyone.

    Supplement iron to raise ferritin. Take each tablet with 500mg-1,000mg vitamin C to aid absorption and minimise constipation.

    Hypothyroidism increases the risk of Alzheimers Disease but not, as far as I know, other forms of dementia.

    C-reactive protein (CRP) is a marker of inflammation in the body. Therefore, its level in the blood increases if there is any inflammation in the body. C-reactive protein, along with other markers of inflammation (erythrocyte sedimentation rate, or ESR) are also sometimes referred to as acute phase reactants.

  • Maybe your mum doesnt have real dementia, just low thyroid. It can make people very confused, especially older people. Why did they reduce her dose? That can't have helped. I think old people get worse treatment when it comes to thyroid than anybody else, because they have the daft idea that old people Don't need as much hormone. I Don't believe it, personally! Can you insist that they do a complete thyroid panel? TSH, FT4, FT3 and antibodies? You might find her FT3 is very low.

  • Hello Dramlouie,

    Sorry to hear you have such stressful problems at home.

    Your cortisol could be working overtime and having troubles switching off.

    When low the body uses adrenaline that uses up the glycogen required for our liver to regenerate around 3am whilst we sleep. Any cortisol issues can effect our sleep patterns and once awake, we can start worrying about our problems again, which in-turn prevents further sleep.

    Clutters idea is excellent as the orange juice will give your liver the glucose it needs to regenerate and the salt will feed the adrenals essential minerals.

    For an "Adrenal Cocktail" you also need to add cream of tarter which will provide the potassium that is essential for cells, organs, muscles, nerves and digestive system and mix altogether.

    Some people drink before bed and some drink if they wake up during the night.


  • Its funny, I just seem to fancy bananas and if I wake I am drawn to eating one, a strange thing the body, how it instinctively knows what it wants. I seem to always be buying bananas, its become a joke now amongst my friends and family. I will have some now and keep some back in case I wake up.

  • Banana is a good thing as is warm milk. They both help you sleep. I went through this when I was under extreme stress, which you are. Keep going for your walks and be as kind as you can to yourself until it passes. I feel for you I really do. Is there anyone that can take the strain off you for a day or a night so you can do something for yourself x?

  • I only have a brother and he is controlling and not one to help me out, he believes vitamins minerals and alternative medicine is black magic, and I know from experience not to argue, he is so ignorant its amusing. I tried the goji berry juice and salt with banana and still woke up but I didn't have such a bad night. I shall buy some orange juice and cream of tartar today. I think the trouble is I haven't had a holiday for 4 years and I have Mum to stay when she gets really confused and doesn't know where she lives just so that I can get some good food into her, some walks and something to talk about. So I do have time to myself but I am worrying about the future. If I don't see her for 2 days she really goes downhill, so dashing off to see her yesterday after she said she had chest pains was very stressful indeed. I think it was because she took her supplements just with some water and without breakfast and they must have got stuck in her gullet, can't spell easophagus! I just worry about the future and what is going to happen to my life after 4 awful years I need a break to enjoy my life just when I am feeling better. Sorry about the ramble, its nice to get it off my chest. x

  • Origins do an eye mask which you heat in the microwave. It sounds daft but it forces you to calm down even if it's for 5 minutes. Drug free, no side effects. I also used to use a calming pillow mist. X

  • Dramlouie,I tried Nutri Thyroid and felt terrible whilst taking them with heart palpitations and feeling very spaced out and as if something was gripping me around the throat. I started to take Nature Throid last Thursday and immediately am starting to feel better,like my old self. The skin problem I have had for three years on Levothyroxine is starting to clear up,and I feel like I want to get up in the mornings,and it's only day 6. By the way ,re your banana cravings, there is a lot of potassium in them,so maybe that's what your body needs!

  • How many Nutri Thyroid were you taking and what dose levothyroxine? I wonder what ratio you had, perhaps that was your problem. I am on 50mcg having increased it from 25mcg myself according to my symptoms, if I get a croaky deep vibrating voice I know I am under and I increase perhaps only by 5mcg but just that makes a difference. I will reduce my nutri thyroid to 2 today, see if that helps although I had been on 3. How much Nature Throid are you taking, its scary as Dr P said I could go on ndt but after all the anxiety problems and not feeling great its that decision whether to risk the change. But you have taken the leap and felt better even on day 6. I think my distrust with doctors and their messing me around with results and getting different information from each doctor tipped me into an absolute anxiety issue having to see a psychologist at the hospital. Even when I had an anxiety attack probably after eating gluten 30 mins before the doctor did tests, and I was suddenly put on blood thinners for no reason given then the mind starts playing tricks and thinking up reasons why. Where do you get your Nature Throid from, isn't it expensive? I shall try not to worry if it happens again, thanks for that Fr23

  • Hi Dramlouie, I was taking two Nutri Thyroid per day, but personally they did not agree with me, giving me palpitations and chest pains, plus a feeling of gripping around the throat. I was taking 50mg Levothyroxine as well, also two Nutri Adrenal NAX and following Dr P's advice. I feel much better on Nature Throid. So far I have had to purchase them privately in the UK with a prescription from an Endocrinologist. It's early days yet for me, but I can say that I will never go back to Levothyroxine, as it is a terrible drug for me, keeping me ill. You have a lot going on in your life. See if you can get some help with your Mum from Social Services, for care needs, and respite, so you can have a break and try to get some relaxation. Good wishes to you.

  • You need to support your adrenals in a big way. You have a ton of stress going on, and with low thyroid/hashimotos, your adrenals need more help keeping up. If you're not already taking large doses of vitamin C, I would suggest you start. 2 grams, twice a day, maybe even more to start. You also need to make sure that you are eating - at least every 3-4 hours - including protein, vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates, and saturated fats, like butter. Coconut oil is also a great fat to add. Your blood sugar needs to be kept even and steady for your adrenals to have a chance to keep up and have support. I see you are already taking B vitamins - make sure you are getting enough B5 as part of the B complex. I recommend Thorne Stress B for adrenal support. You may also want to consider supplementing with small quantities of pregnenolone - 5-10 mg sublingually, upon waking in the morning. Add turmeric curcumin with bioperine, at night, before bed, to help regulate your night time cortisol levels, so you can fall asleep. Also, your adrenals need salt - preferably Celtic sea salt or Himalayan salt. They cannot function without sufficient sodium, and hypothyroidism also calls for additional salt in the diet, contrary to the anti-salt campaign we tend to hear about. You may also want to add an additional 200 mcg Selenium supplement to your daily routine, and eliminate wheat and gluten if you have not already.

    Hope you feel better soon!

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