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More advice needed, sorry I'm having such a crap time

Hi everyone again, so after feeling horrible on Levo I changed to NDT (nature thyroid) on only a 1/2 grain divided into two I felt totally crap... Crazy heart beat and swollen throat. I did try the antihistamine before the ndt and that stoppeso the nausea and itching.

I've ordered an adrenal stress test through dr myhill as I've read a lot about the adrenals and thyroid.

My question is I don't want to stop taking any hormones as I stopped the Levo and felt crap but if I cut down the ndt and take every other day am I doing my adrenals more harm than good.

I have also being looking at nutri adrenal extra. Is it worth starting this after my test?

Is it also worth switching to nutri thyroid instead of the thyroid hormones to give me adrenals a chance.

Sorry for the daily posts. So fed up

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What dose of levothyroxine were you taking when you changed to NDT. Your dose of NDT is very small (around 50mcg of levo) and splitting it into two doesn't make sense to me. 1 gr of NDT is around 75 to 100mcg of levo.

If you take too low a dose of any thyroid hormones it can rebound and you can feel worse. Of course, you start with about 1/2 gr if you've not taken any hormones previously - or a straight switchover from your dose of levo to equivalent NDT. After about two weeks you can increase your dose gradually until you feel much better.


Have you tried any other kind of NDT? Perhaps you need to experiment with other brands? Have you tried T3 only?


Jengibbon, Until you have adrenal results you don't know that you have a problem which needs supplementing. You should continue thyroid medication. Perhaps you could try 1/4 grain daily for a week to see whether it is tolerable. If that doesn't work you'll need to try alternative NDT brands, or try Levothyroxine again.


Thanks for your replys I think I am going to try thyroid s. I just seem to be extremely sensitive to Meds, the crazy heart palpitations scared me. If I can't tolerate ndt would t3 be better?


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