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Blood Tests

Hi I have been on Armour with a small dose of thyroxine for about 4 years, its been amazing, but I haven't had a blood test for at least 2 years, I have rang a couple of times to see why they haven't requested one normally get a letter, but my it takes a whole morning to get through to the doctors and if I pop down they will only make appointments on the phone. So they are fully aware that no tests have been done.

I would like some private tests as I am interested to see how my results look on paper, I have good blood pressure and pulse I feel really well better than I have in years. I have chased a test more times than I can remember i can't stand going to the doctors as they are always running late, and then the nurses room is so small you can only have blood taken out of your left arm, My sister is a nurse so she can take the blood for me, who would you recommend for bloods through the post, looking for T4, T3 TSH B12 active, ferritin, to start with as I am know to have low B12 and folic acid, any help appreciated

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Have a look at the main website under private testing.....

Most of us use genova or blue horizon.

Xx g


thank you have just ordered from blue horizon a tsh and t4, many thanks for advice good luck and good health kx


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