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Feel like I've finally woken up!

Hi all I've never posted before but have followed this site for a while and everyone has always offered such helpful advice when I've commented on other threads. I have Hashimotos and was diagnosed at 13 with very attractive goitre, bulging eyes etc. I've only ever seen an Endo when I was pregnant. My GP as lovely as they are (and a fellow suffers) tends to follow the recommended guidelines and so I've plodded along. Until I joined here.

Well! I've finally started taking t3 along with my Levothyroxine and I must say I haven't felt this well since before I can remember and I'm only on day 2! My levels aren't perfect by any means and will need adjusting tomorrow as I'm feeling a bit jittery which I believe would suggest I'm a bit over medicated at the mo so i'll rectify that tomorrow but I wouldn't be where I am now with out your wonderful help and advice.

My new journey has started and I've a long way to go to be the "real" me again but my family have noticed a change in just 48 hours. It's true what they say - if you want something done - sometimes just sometimes- you have to do it yourself. Even if this doesn't last forever I'm so pleased I've found the drive to try.

Fingers crossed its the start of something good!

Stay positive and thanks for the guidance 😊

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So good to read your post! People in this forum are truly jewels! Im self medicating to and improved a lot since being here still a long way to go though. Keeping my fingers crossed for you! And have the strength to start fighting is the first step!


Well done. It is really amazing what an addition or different thyroid hormone can make to our wellbeing.

Let's hope thing will change in the future as we shouldn't be denied good health when it is possible.

Thyroiduk.org has done a magnificent Open Letter to the British Thyroid Association and the Royal College of Physicians this week and I do hope some of them take notice of all of Thyroiduk's hard work behind the scenes for all of us.


They also did a survey for the Petition to the Scottish Parliament which consists of more than 100+ pages.


I hadn't seen the TUK letter but am very encouraged by it.

In fact I have copied it to send to my GP.

Fingers and toes crossed that the 'powers that be' sit up and take notice.

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I felt a bit hyper for the first few day on T3 (25 mcg divided in 2 + 112mcg levo).

I loved the feeling though haha! A week later the hyper feeling subsided and I just feel normal, as in normal great but not climbing the walls. I did have palpitations on day 4 but since then normal heart rate (76/min).

I am glad you feel so good! It's such miraculous stuff.

Good Luck!

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Thank you - yes! I had palpitations last night so have adjusted today fingers crossed! But I can't remember the last time I felt this good!

I'm on 125mcg Levo and then a 25mcg so quite similar to yourself - lets hope this is new beginning for both of us Rachel_81! Good luck lovey 😄


Do you split the dose?

I break the pill in half and take 1/2 when I wake up (6am) and take the other 1/2 at (1pm).

I find it helps keep me feel more even throughout the day.

Good luck! :D


That's what I've done today to see if that helps - it's only day 3! I can't believe the difference already I'm so excited (Might be the meds lol!) and happy! I'm so much happier because I'm not tired! I actually feel like I have hope and a FULL life ahead of me. 😊

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That's great news! I'm interested in the comments about splitting the dose of t3? I have a lot of heart palps and I wonder if it's because I take my t3 (20mcg) in the morning at the same time as my regular thyroxine? Maybe I should try splitting? Difficult to know!

Liz x


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