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any patient of Dr. Hertoghe's here?

Is anyone here a patient in Dr. Thierry Hertoghe's practice in Brussels?

I know that, when Armour was reformulated, they switched patients to Erfa. However, it's been 18 months since the first posts about a potential reformulation of Erfa appeared. For instance:


So, I would like to know if they switched their patients to any other drug in the meantime? I am interested in finding out because, so far, only Erfa and Armour have been available in the few Belgian pharmacies carrying NDT, and some pharmacies no longer sell Armour, only Erfa...

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I'm sorry you've had no replies, Anna69. Feel free to repost your question.


Hello, both my husband and I are Dr. Hertoghe patient's and we have not been switched. Both of us take ERFA still. I hope this helps.


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