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Hello everyone,

I was wondering whether any of you have family history of thyroid problems and if this has affected your condition. In my case, all women in my family have had problems at one stage or another - be it thyroid cancer or Hashimoto. I was 19 when first diagnosed with overactive thyroid, abnormal TSH level. So far I haven't met any people with family history and I would be very glad if there are any of you out there who can share their experiences. Thank you!

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My grandmother had thyroid cancer back in the fifties, had surgery and she lived to be 95 yrs old, taking Armour thyroid all those years. My sis has hashis and a niece has a goiter. All the members of my family get their thyroid hormones checked each year. Low, low blood pressure also runs in my family.

After my doc heard my family history back in the nineties, he suggested that we run a tsh to have a 'baseline' since I wasn't experiencing any symptoms of hypo. Guess what? My tsh came back at 6+ and the top of the normal range was 5+. He didn't know better nor did I so he put me on synthroid for a year until I remembered grandmother and her Armour. I call my year on synthroid my year from hexx. lol..

I transitioned to Armour (the old, good Armour) with no problem and have been on a stable dose all these years.

I wish I could find out where my husbands Graves and Hashimotos came from but its sure hit our daughter and her daughters and its hit our other daughters little girl

Its also hit my husbands nephew

My Mother must have been coeliac and that's hit our other daughters little girl too

Genetics are weird and it seems that sometimes these things totally skip a generation

All of the problems in your family are autoimmune diseases and it does run in families. I only realized recently that hashis was an autoimmune disease, after all these years no doctor ever mentioned it. It was only through my own research that I discovered it. You might find some interesting info if you check AID and its effects on the body.


i am only too well aware that the problems in my family are all Auto immune diseases

its time the medics stopped downplaying this or even refusing to test for antibodies and that people were well warned about the genetic predisposition they will pass on if they insist on having children

I am aware its a ver emotive subject but if i knew back in 1970 what i know now about Thyroid Disease i would most certainly have made the heartbreaking decision not to have children

That is so sad and it is so awful that the medical community has ignored this problem for so long.

It took me 2 years to finally have my daughter diagnosed with hashis when she was 8 years old. She was given synthroid and that was the end of it. She is now 32 and has fought breast cancer for the last year. It was a hellish experience for her and was the reason I began my research. She is now on the AIP (autoimmune paleo) diet and has recently began taking Armour thyroid meds. She is feeling much better.

I lost my mother to ulcerative colitis which she suffered with for many years. Another AID which we knew nothing about.

It just infuriates me that I was never told about AID and that doctors seem to know so little about it.

Best of luck with your family.

My Brother had Graves, he was very ill for a few years, his eyes still bulge 30 years later, my sister had hyperthyroidism, they both had radioactive iodine ablation. They both take Levothyroxine and are quite well. I had a Goitre, I had hypo symptoms for ten years ,it was only by chance I saw an ENT consultant for snoring did anyone take notice, I had a terrible time on thyroxine, after 20 years I now take Nature throid and feel the best I have in 20 years. I also have a niece who is Hypothyroid and isn't doing very well, but she or her family wont listen when I try and give them advice. So yes we have a family history of Thyroid problems. Im sure more have the condition but they prefer to stay ill than take my advice.

My Grandmother, all Aunties, Mum, 2 Sisters, myself and my Dad are all on Levothyroxine for underactive thyroid. We are also all on high blood pressure meds to. My Mother in Law also had her thyroid removed because of thyroid cancer. So im not holding out much hope n my childen noty being affected when they are older.

My mum had Graves and is now hypothyroid after radioactive iodine treatment. She suffered for a few years before it was picked up by a new doctor after they moved house. She was in her late 40s.

I became poorly in my early 40s and have since been diagnosed with Hashimoto's. I've warned my kids to look out for the symptoms. Interestingly, both my mum and I had an early menopause (around 40). I did ask the doctor if mine was connected with my thyroid, but she said no, she'd tested for that and I was fine at the time.

Well in my family it's autoimmune disease. My daughter was diagnosed with hashis @ age 10, then I discovered I had it later. My mother had ulcerative colitis which is also autoimmune. From what I've read this is always passed on in families.

My Grandma, Mum and Aunt all have underactive thyroid. I have abnormal TSH results and I'm waiting for T4 results.

My mother had a goitre removed many years ago when she was I guess in her sixties, I was diagnosed hypo last year at 64 and my daughter at 39 is borderline hypo. My 2 little grandchildren have both been constipated from birth and that does worry me.

I come from a family with both sides affected by Thyroid disease. My Grandmother (Dad's side) was hypo and lived to be 102! I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism when I was 46, however, I think I was un-diagnosed for many years. My Sister is now hypo as well. We have many relatives on both sides of the family that have several types thyroid issues. I'm afraid my kids don't have a chance of avoiding this disease at some point in their lives.

My mum was diagnosed hypothyroid in her 40's and took levo for about 40 years. I seem to have a less serious form and was only diagnosed after a routine blood test when I was 60. I think I had been suffering from symptoms for a few years before that but it was not picked up by my G.P. My daughter has IBS and Renaud's syndrome.

I had an early menopause and my hair went white in my fifties. I have no idea either if it is connected.

My mum had Hypothyroidism when I was born, so I had no thyroid gland. Have been battling with the Endos until recently, when I was referred to this amazing man, who finally prescribed T3, and I am feeling so much better.


My Grandmother had a underactive thyroid this was over 50 years ago only treatment was to paint inside your throat with iodine so my mother informs me

I was diagnosed with underactive thyroid 12 years ago and a cousin had graves disease received radiotherapy with iodine now on thyroxin. Had lots of treatment on her eyes due to them bulging so much.

Dad had Rheumatoid Arthritis, Mum and brother both Diabetic .

I have PMR and my brother has been diagnosed with skeletal muscle disease.

Lots of autoimmune disease that we know of scary are the ones that might come at a future date


Hi Gerry, I was only diagnosed with being hypothyroid when I got to be 50 but am sure I must have been underactive most of my life. I have 5 girl cousins on my dad's side who all take thyroxin the same as me but I also have 2 girl cousins on my mum's side and neither of them have it. It must be inherited surely! I had an aunty with a goitre and my daughter was diagnosed a few years ago. One of my son's had a serious hyperthyroid in his 20s but it is now hypo. We don't know if we have hashimoto.

it means the family has poor immune systems and i bet food sensitivities too. They say a bad gut causes all this. why not look into healing it?

Oh - big time thyroid issues in my family. All of my paternal aunts were overactive and after various treatments became under active. Then it was my turn at 27, and since then my father has also been diagnosed. And my mother, along with o e of her sisters! And sadly my lovely daughter was diagnosed at the age of 10, on top of type 1 diabetes. Interesting to see gut issues getting a mention here - my brother and a first cousin have ulcerative colitis and Crohn's, and my mother has been diagnosed with diverticulitis, although I suspect it's something more.

Yep, you can't choose your genes, it would seem. Though having said that, being from the Republic of Ireland, there is probably a link with fluoride in the water supply too.......

Regards, Michelle

Yes my Mum is hypo but still has her thyroid and struggles with her medication, ive had a TT due to retrosternal multinodular goitre and my sister had a hemi thyroidectomy for suspected cancerous nodule after a suspicious biopsy (but luckily she was ok) We also think my nan was hypo but misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia and my niece is also displaying hypo symptoms now. Not a great picture but at least Dad's ok!

I have a family history of hypothyroidism. My mother, sister and daughter were diagnosed with it & then myself. All are ex-smokers, my sister & daughter gave up due to pregnancy, my mother gave up in her late 60's & I got it during menopause, 4 months ago. I was arrogant enough to think I would escape it.

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