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Blood test results from new surgery

These results have come thru in a different format from the ones I received from my old surgery so am a bit at a loss! If someone can steer me thru I would be grateful.

Serum folate >24.4ug/L (range >4.00ugl) - normal, no action needed

Vit B12 >1500ng/l (range 180.0 - 1000.0) - satisfactory, no action needed

Vit D3 171.7 nmol/L - normal, no action needed

Free T3 3.2pmol/L (range 3.90 - 6.70) - abnormal, patient contact requested

Free T4 14.7pmol/L (range 10.00 - 24.50pmol/L)

TSH <0.05miu/L (range 0.20 - 5.50) - abnormal, patient contact requested

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Topaz1, TSH and FT3 are both below range which is why they've been flagged abnormal. It's low T3 which causes hypothyroid symptoms. Your FT4 is low in range but it is within range. Your TSH isn't responding to low FT4 and FT3 so your GP should ignore TSH and increase Levothyroxine to get FT4 into the upper range which should bring up FT3.

B12 is over range which isn't a problem when supplementing water soluble vitamins which are excreted in urine. No point in peeing out supplements though so you can reduce dose. Folate is good.

VitD is in the replete 75-200 range. If you are supplementing you can reduce dose slightly as most people are comfortable with vitD around 100.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


Clutter, thank you so much for your expertise. I can save a little money cutting down slightly on Vits D and B12. I am nearly at the end of 6 weeks on 2 grains Armour so will increase to 2 1/4 then. As I am seeing Dr Peatfield in January I will do the private thyroid test +10 next month to take with me which will give a much better indication of where I'm 'at'.


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