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Now on 3 grains of Thiroyd daily.

Hello all!

Well, here I am on 3 grains after several weeks of gradually increasing by 1/2 a grain at a time.

Giving up Levo after 19 years has been a huge leap of faith, and very daunting. I am a bit of a naval gazer and prone to over - analysis, and that means I worry myself half to death!

Anyway, I had a decision to make about raising again. I really wasn't feeling all that well and had to decide if this was because I was on too much Thiroyd, or too little. After reading a post about "Air Hunger," I recognised that I was experiencing this and decided that I am still hypo.

I am still sleeping a lot. I need a nap after work still. I have to say that the quality of sleep I get has improved. I sleep more deeply and feel more rested afterwards. Dreams are very strange - real and vivid!

Breathing - I think a yoga master would be proud of me - I used to be a very shallow breather, now I am enjoying long, deep, slow breathing. It's very calming.

I feel less achy than before.

I am less inclined to eat sweets or chocolate at the moment - cravings have eased considerably.

My weight hasn't changed at all, although I feel less fatty and soft, if that makes any sense.

My urticaria hasn't made an appearance recently.

I still have issues with temperature control - I am one of those who always boils up and is rarely cold. I would love to be cool for a change!!

Well, it's still early days. I am still glad I made the switch from Levo. Just a question of finding my optimum dosage of Thiroyd!

Good luck to all on a similar journey!


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Several weeks? You shouldn't really raise your dosage more than once every two weeks or so, so it should have taken you several months to get to 3 grains.

You really need to let everything stabilise or you will undoubtedly go over the top, and its difficult to evaluate what is going on.

In your position I would wait a month or so (two would be better, but who is that patient?!) and then go for a blood test to see where your T3 levels have got to. Even when you get to the optimum level, it takes months before the full benefit is felt. Three grains is a lot, and you need good evidence to justify increasing further.

I don't lose weight, even when slightly over medicated (according to my tests) unless I make strenuous efforts. I still need a short afternoon nap most days, and have decided that its my Mediterranean roots, and I should enjoy it! Certainly my little dog is very put out if he doesn't have his lap available after our walk!

That having been said, I didn't get on with Thiroid at all. It felt as if I was taking nothing! Thyroid-S works far better for me.


Thank you for your advice. I will stick with 3 grains until Christmas and then get my bloods done. I realise that I moved through the doses more quickly than some people would recommend, but once I stopped Levo, it wasn't long before I felt my hypothyroidism symptoms worsen. I am very sensitive like that, and I felt my body was telling me it needed more. I am not having any adverse effects on 3 grains so far, but I know what to look out for and I will reduce if necessary.

LOL about the naps - I know I need mine and in fact I can't imagine life without my afternoon nap now!!! It is something I look forward to, actually!

Thanks again! Michelle


How much Levo were you on?


Grey goose, I was prescribed 175 Levo but usually took 200.


OK, so you could afford to increase quite quickly. But best stop now, as you suggest, til Christmas, and get tested after. :)


MichelleBelfast, good advice from Ruthi. Hold at 3 grains for 6 weeks and have a thyroid test, including FT3, before increasing further.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


Hi Clutter!

I will stick at 3 grains for now and then organise tests around Christmas time - maybe early January. Can I just ask - is FT3 included in a routine test or not? Is it something you have to specifically ask for?




Michelle, its not routine via NHS. You may need to order a private test.


Hi again guys! I have given everything that has been said some serious consideration and I have decided that I moved from 2.5 grains to 3 before my body was ready for it. I monitored myself carefully today and my pulse rate was too high. I feel a bit jittery and headache. So I think I will sit at 2.5 until Christmas, get tested, and re - evaluate then! Many thanks for your comments - you have all been very helpful! Michelle

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You also need to remember that on NDT your body tissues will heal and this can take ayear or more especially if you were on levo going nowhere for 18yrs

Just make a list of all your original symptoms and when they no longer appear tick them off will surprise you

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Thank you! A year to heal - yikes! It makes sense but I wish things were a little more simple in life!!! It's hard for me to make a list as I don't know how I should be feeling after all this time. I have been ill since my late teens, looking back. Depression and hypothyroidism have governed most of my life - so I've never really known what it us to be a healthy a healthy adult female - if that makes sense? I'm making this change because I'm worried about future deterioration - I was put on blood pressure medication this time last year. I worried about becoming like my gran - different coloured pills for all her ills by the time she was 60.....

Sorry for musing.'s a bad habit, LOL! Thank you, Michelle


I can only tell you what my husband and daughter and granddaughters experience is

My husband has been hypothyroid for 30 yrs following surgery for Graves

for 6 yrs he got no treatment then 12 years on thyroxine going nowhere

more years on thyroxine plus T3

Then T3 alone and now 8 years on NDT

He says it was at least a year before he was well and 2 years before he was truly well

at 73 he can now cut all 3 lawns in our 1/3rd acre in a morning wheras before it was 1 lawn in a day and he was totally whacked

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