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Now on 3 grains but Hashimoto is spanking me. Help or support wanted!

I am now currebtly on 3 grains of Naturethroid. Thus far the majority of my other symptoms have gone away, and hair MUCH better, BUT now my bloating is worse than ever and its accompanied by inflammation all over especially in the legs and ankles. I also now have tummy pains plus a VERY distended belly.

Ideally, I am trying to stick this out and wait the approx. 1 month at the 3 grain mark, but I am wondering if I am having these nasty symptoms aka feedback loop I think they call it? because I have stopped increasing the natural thyroid. I am trying to be a trooper, but I am 2nd guessing myself a bit and I wonder if I am doing more harm to my body than good?

Should I still hold the 3 grain til approx the month end?

All wisdom needed.

By the way, I am avoiding gluten!

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Enfrance, hold out for the 4 weeks until you have the results of your blood test before increasing further.

I'm sorry you're in such discomfort. Gluten-free is usually helpful in dealing with bloating but it may take several months g-f before it improves.


The problem is I have been gluten free for approx 2 years. I only previously ate a few slices of pizza once in a great while. I haven't touched it for a very long time. Definitely, not in the last 3 months!

I will say however, that in the last few weeks I ate alot of cheese out of frustration and stress. I suspected it wasn't good, but now I have confirmed that milk is like gluten for Hashis agh!!

I usually eat so well that my only comfort or stress foods have been cheese, eggs, plenty of fruit chocolate and sunflower seed butter. For most people..these are still healthy. :(

I just get so frustrated, because I eat clean or very healthy, but I am sill bloating badly and increasing weight everyday.

I have actually found a Naturapath-Traditional Chinese doctor that I will see on the 22nd. I will ask to have my blood test done etc. and hopefully FINALLY God willing I will get a doctor who will at least try and help me!

Once, I get my bloodwork done, I will post the results and perhaps gain insight as to where I am. Afterwards, then ideally if I need to I can begin to increase again by month's end.

Of course, before anymore increases I will let everyone know...just so frustrating!!!!!

Thank you.

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Enfrance, eating gluten occasionally isn't a good idea if gluten is a problem. It irritates the villii which can take up to six months to calm down.

They're only healthy foods if you tolerate them. If you think cheese, milk, dairy, chocolate or eggs may be a problem eliminate them one at a time for 2/3 weeks before reintroducing. If you have a problem when reintroducing you should probably avoid that food.


Sunflower 'butter' isn't healthy. For anyone. Not that there's anything wrong with sunflower seeds, but it's the processes - PROCESSES - the seeds go through to become oïl and then 'butter'. Really, really not good, like all vegetable oils except olive oïl. But Don't go looking for olive oïl 'butter' either, because that would also be highly processed.

How are your other vitamin and mineral levels? Maybe time to get them tested again?


Thank you. Maybe this is why I am sometimes sensitive to Evening Primerose Oil? But if these oils cause a conversion problem, any idea why Cod liver oil or Krill oil supplements are recommended? Perhaps, there is a fine line?


Great input. Thank you. I guess I am going to have to nix sunflower seed butter as well agh!

Definitely, I plan on having everything checked! I will let you know soon.


Curious though, would be okay if I made my own homemade version?


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