Day 10 on Thiroyd by Greater Pharma

I thought I would share that I have now completed 10 days on one grain of Thiroyd, no Levo. So far I am doing okay and I am hoping to increase by half a grain after day 14. No alarming symptoms to report although I have felt tired and seem to sleep quite deeply. That said I have had two very long and busy days in work....I don't want to get into a habit of over analysing how I feel though! Good luck to any of you out there embarking on a similar journey!

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  • No point in over analyzing...... Good that its suiting you. I have been on ndt for a few years now and would never willingly change back to synthetics. Xx

  • Good news, but I don't think that it is a good idea to mention the supplier.

  • Greater Pharma is the manufacturer of thiroyd, not the supplier.

  • Ah I see. Sorry about that then but we can't be too careful.

  • I am on day 4 of the same journey. I am trying to ignore any changes and give it a month, but I think (and the thought keeps creeping back) that I have a bit more energy. Good luck with your journey.

  • I am on day 2 of the very same product!!! After 23/24 years on Levo :-((

    Hoping this is going to do the trick!!!

    Good Luck Everybody!!!

  • I too am on NDT and feeling ok long may it continue. Havent found my optimal yet but just increased to 2 grains so hoping this will be it. good to share and help others find their way to optimal!

  • I'm about to launch into the same product - once I've got my adrenals in a better way. Have been advised to stop Levothyroxine while taking Nutri Adrenal support, then a few days later, start Thiroid. But before I can do any of it, I am spending 24 hours collecting saliva (every 4 hours) and urine to assess adrenal function and thyroid levels (privately) NHS refused to do these particualr tests!

    It's a slightly strange way to spend my birthday but hey! if it means I'm a day closer to feeling better, then it'll be worth it! Great to hear other people's experiences with this route to metabolic health.

  • Hi ive been on the same thing for a month now 3 grains for another 5 weeks and I might get a blood test . Feel fine.. just ticking over nicely . Apart from a slight worry of self medicating it's ok . I always no this group is here if I have a problem x

  • I am 6 weeks in to taking Thiroyd by Greater Pharma I am now on 2 grains but still have fybro symptoms. I have not noticed an improvement as yet and wondered how long it would take and if I need to be also taking Levi . I was on 100 Levi for 18 years and the last two years I have been suffering from Fybromyalgia and wanted to try some thing different to see if it helps. I hope it goes well for you.

  • I have been on 1.5 grains for about 4 or 5 weeks and haven't noticed a major diffrence. No weight loss and still have a big belly. Thought I would have seen a difference. Have also been spotting before and after period. Anyone else had this?

  • not everyone notices weight loss with ndt hence it is more so thyroid function hence I have never experience weight loss on ndt

  • Hi Percy ray! Just wondering if you might consider raising your dose? I have been moving up by 1/2 grain roughly every 7-10 days. Tomorrow I will be taking 3 grains daily. I am new to this too, so would highly recommend asking your question as a post in its own rights! Good luck! I think we're making a good change!!!!

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