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I just realised that as long as I am not properly diagnosed in case of an emergency there is no information about my illness

Was a big sigh moment. It just hit me. If I am in an accident doctors treating me have no idea of possible hashimoto , low t3, need of B12 and my histamine intolerance. All these could affect the possible medication used.

All of my recent tests are done privately.

My mom has copy of my files but I am not sure if she really understand how to explain it if asked to.

There is a possibility to update your medical records online but it is said those are not necessarily noted as anyone can write whatever they want to.

I have had copies of my blood tests with me but doctors have not added those to my files. Only one private clinic has copied all of my results but they are not connected to national records so in public health care those files are not visible.

Don't know how to get them to update my information :(

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Have you considered a MedicAlert bracelet? I don't know if this would get around the problem but it might be something worth looking into.

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That's is great idea, thanks :). I googled it and I can order one.

Makes me feel a bit more safe as this allergic I am afraid of getting wrong type of medication.

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This is

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Leave a note of conditions and list of medications and intolerances in your purse/wallet next to your ID. If you are not in a position to communicate, this will be the first place an emergency responder will check.

For emergencies at home, there's a system by which a pot with relevant details are left in the refrigerator. A green label with a cross on it is stuck on the outside of the fridge to alert paramedics, etc. (Sorry, can't remember what it's called)


I haven't heard of the jar in the fridge idea before. What an excellent idea!


Great ideas, thanks!


One version is called "Message in a Bottle".

Just hope it doesn't come to "A year has passed since I wrote my note..." :-)


My surgery was handing them out a few months ago. Its from the Lions Club. Try this link

or google for Lions Message in a Bottle


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