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Hot Flushes, Normal Pulse and Temperature: Overmedicated?

I have many hot flushes per day but my temperature and pulse are normal. I increased my T3 from 5 to 10 mcg a few weeks ago and stayed at 150 mcg T4 as previous blood work suggested room for improvement in T3 (TSH: 0.12 (0.35-5.5); FT4: 15.9 (10-19.8); FT3: 4.1 (3.5-5.5), the latter done after leaving 36 hours before bloods, previous fT3 at 5 mcg T3 showed 4.7, same range).

However, my pulse and temperature are within my normal range (37.3 C on waking, 36.9 C at bedtime, pulse around 75-80 bpm. Occasionally higher, but only when I stand up (blasted POTS!). I've not had a blood test since the increase but will ask for one the next time my lithium serum levels are checked.

Are the hot flushes likely to be from the increase in T3 and a sign of overmedication? I'm also being investigated for early menopause so the hot flushes could be related to that.


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If your temp/pulse is at normal for you I don't think you're overmedicated as flushes/sweat enables our body to be stable.

That's why it's advisable, to do as you're doing, to take temp/pulse several times a day when changing/increasing dose. If temp and pulse rises (palpitations) or you feel extremely uncomfortable I would drop down slightly.

Your blood results look fine to me with room for improvement..

"I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions"


Well, my temperature rose when I first added T3, and has risen a little more since the dose increase, but prior to that my temperature struggled to get above 36.5 C at any given time. In between hot flushes I feel just fine, not too hot and not too cold.


As hypo usually feel cold (some extremely cold) until they get onto a proper dose which makes them feel warm/well is a great benefit. If you feel well it would seem you are on a decent dose - notwithstanding the hot flushes.


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