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Mercury Pharma 25s

I recently posted that I had to increase from 100 to 125 of Mercury Levo. As apparently people had problems with the 25s I decided to buy a pill cutter and just use my 100s. Nightmare! The pill cutter does cut them but the resulting bits are so small and soft that they just crumble.

Would I be OK getting 50s and taking them 1 every other day? (Assuming the 50s aren't a problem as well).

Thanks :-)

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Infomaniac, Those people are likely to have a problem with any MP Levothyroxine, not just 25mcg. If you're ok with MP 100mcg and 50mcg, there's no reason to assume you'll have a problem with MP 25mcg.


I take Mercury Pharma 100mcg and 25mcg daily. I am unaware of 25mcg having any differences or variation. (But I have found mixing different brands causes me problems.)

In my experience, it suits me much better to take same constant dose every day.

I also found cutting small thyroxine pills, even with pill cutter, was hopeless.


Thanks a lot for that. I'll give the 25s a go then-it'll save a lot of hassle! I just seem to remember a number of people complaining about the 25s-hopefully they've sorted the problem out now

Slowdragon, I'm assuming you went from 100 to 125 same as me? How long was it before you noticed any difference?


Maybe their 100s and/or 50s were Actavis, like mine?


I had difficulty with mixing brands. Activas do not make 25mcg. I now take 50 and 25 both Mercury. My pharmasy have made a note about this, and it all seems to be working well now.


Never mix brands but when I started on MP it was a long long time ago and I think I was on 75 but when I rose to 100 and then 125 on alternate days I was still taking multiples of 25. I then decide to save the NHS some money by taking 100's and 25's and in my opinion I found 4x 25 worked better than 100!

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I would never mix brands. Mercury is all I've ever taken and will continue with it. My chemists are great because they do ones in a packet (not sure what brand) and loose ones (mercury) and have noted my records to always give me the loose ones. I will need to check that they have Mercury 25s before I go to the GP for a prescription...I waited 5 weeks for an appointment last time so no rush!


I take both Wockhardt and Activis and could certainly feel better but wonder why you think there might be a problem mixing?


It's not from personal experience, it's only from reading posts on here who reckon it's not a good idea. I want things to go as smoothly as poss therefore am not risking it!


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