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I recently posted that I had to increase from 100 to 125 of Mercury Levo. As apparently people had problems with the 25s I decided to buy a pill cutter and just use my 100s. Nightmare! The pill cutter does cut them but the resulting bits are so small and soft that they just crumble.

Would I be OK getting 50s and taking them 1 every other day? (Assuming the 50s aren't a problem as well).

Thanks :-)

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  • Infomaniac, Those people are likely to have a problem with any MP Levothyroxine, not just 25mcg. If you're ok with MP 100mcg and 50mcg, there's no reason to assume you'll have a problem with MP 25mcg.

  • I take Mercury Pharma 100mcg and 25mcg daily. I am unaware of 25mcg having any differences or variation. (But I have found mixing different brands causes me problems.)

    In my experience, it suits me much better to take same constant dose every day.

    I also found cutting small thyroxine pills, even with pill cutter, was hopeless.

  • Thanks a lot for that. I'll give the 25s a go then-it'll save a lot of hassle! I just seem to remember a number of people complaining about the 25s-hopefully they've sorted the problem out now

    Slowdragon, I'm assuming you went from 100 to 125 same as me? How long was it before you noticed any difference?

  • Maybe their 100s and/or 50s were Actavis, like mine?

  • I had difficulty with mixing brands. Activas do not make 25mcg. I now take 50 and 25 both Mercury. My pharmasy have made a note about this, and it all seems to be working well now.

  • Never mix brands but when I started on MP it was a long long time ago and I think I was on 75 but when I rose to 100 and then 125 on alternate days I was still taking multiples of 25. I then decide to save the NHS some money by taking 100's and 25's and in my opinion I found 4x 25 worked better than 100!

  • I would never mix brands. Mercury is all I've ever taken and will continue with it. My chemists are great because they do ones in a packet (not sure what brand) and loose ones (mercury) and have noted my records to always give me the loose ones. I will need to check that they have Mercury 25s before I go to the GP for a prescription...I waited 5 weeks for an appointment last time so no rush!

  • I take both Wockhardt and Activis and could certainly feel better but wonder why you think there might be a problem mixing?

  • It's not from personal experience, it's only from reading posts on here who reckon it's not a good idea. I want things to go as smoothly as poss therefore am not risking it!

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