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Very low oestrogen


I would prefer not to go on HRT so is there an alternative I can take?

I have been advised of natural alternatives but they all seem to be geared up around night sweats which I don't ofcourse you have to pay for them and as I already pay for my NDT I cannot afford too.

I have been blaming how ill I feel at work on being undermedicated etc. But ofcourse being perimenopausal could be playing a large part in all this.

Is it worth asking a doctor about oestrogen cream? Would this help fatigue/drained feeling...this is mostly when I am at work...where I do a very physical job.

I am now on 2 1/2 grains of NDT...will,have blood test in four weeks as I have recently upped my dose,

Thank you.

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I'm curious about how you found out you had very low estrogen, and whether the testing you had was thorough? And have you had progesterone measured?

There are several substances in the female body that are referred to as estrogens, and they should all have been included in your test. If you look at this page :

there is a list of the different types of estrogen.

The same thing applies to progesterone - there is a whole group of hormones called the progestogens, and I have no idea if they usually all get measured in testing or not.

I don't know anything about female sex hormones, apart from it is important that both estrogens and progestogens need to be "balanced". Unfortunately, I don't know what that really means in practice!


Thank you humanbean I had a blood test to check my estrogen by my endocrinologist and was advised they are low..he suggested trying HRT but I don't think anything else was tested.

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Sorry sesbo, my answer below was before I'd read your reply to human bean. Like you I now need to find out exactly which Oestrogen and progesterone I should be having. I also refused HRT at start of menopause because I felt I didn't need it, didn't have some of the horrendous symptoms many other women have. also let's face it, the stars like Joan Collins and others did proudly announce they were on it and look how great they looked and still do for their currently ages mostly - perhaps because they have stayed on Oestrogen and not just taken it for their menopause. I have to confess I look more like baggywrinkles at my age 68 now, because of the more recent complications with my endocrine system. I look worse than in my photo here!


Sesbo, I can't advise on what you should ask your doc about alternatives cos I don't know and also not a medic. what you take or not must of course be your own decision, I was just passing on some research info I thought useful, after I'd seen & heard news this morning. It applies to me also, so I need to talk to my doc, when my next bloods have been done. I'm going to recheck some of my earlier results to see if any are relative to hormones. I was always one of the ones who thought the doctors knew better than me! I know many still do think that, they are the lucky ones if their docs get it right, whatever their health condition.

Sadly, these days we hear of too many instances of mis- or no diagnosis, thats often why we Join these communities. sorry I can't be more helpful than that.


Hi sesbo.

The acronym HRT refers to Hormone Replacement Therapy, we lose hormone production that affects several parts of the body and endocrine system.

HRT is not just for menopause symptoms, we need Oestrogen and some progesterone in our bodies, which is or can be lost as we go through the menopause, and if not replaced other parts of our endocrine system start being affected by lack of it. I was diagnosed as having Thyroid problems, a few years after I'd gone through the menopause. but there are other reasons for hormones needing supplementing.

I'm still in process of going through and researching my whole health history, infections and now specific gland and organ problems. brain and liver being the most important. the Consultants are still trying to get to bottom of the many things gone wrong in the space of just 3 yrs. My Thyroid was confirmed only this year, by a scan as being kaput.

we need to ask Doctors to blood test for Hormone deficiencies, today's news concentrated only on the menopause and HRT. Google Hormones and start with Wikipedia!


I am going through the menopause I found this cream which replaces the oestrogen you loss but doesn't

just help with hot sweats but also your emotion as well it will cost you £20 pounds will last you 2 months easy and well worth the money you have spent and the bonus is you will feel like yourself again . It's called wellsprings look it up read about it . It's amazing cream , hope this helps


Hi thank you Dianne3 I am now taking a natural alternative to HRT...I think it's helping me feel better...I also found I was overmedicated on NDT and have reduced my dose. Feeling better on a reduced dose and perhaps this and the alternative to HRT is helping me generally speaking. I don't feel as ill as I did before. Today my eyes are tired I can't have a blood test as I recently reduced my NDT so I will hold to the dose I am on until I can have bloods done..thank you for your post.


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