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Purple thumb!!

The thumb on my right have had gone purple and swelled a little. It looks like I caught it in something but I didn't. It's a bit sore and feels a bit weird. It came on this morning and it's still purple now. It seemed to pinch a bit before the bruising appeared.

I had a similar thing happen with the palm of my hand (left) and the 'heel' of one hand (' can't remember which one) when I felt a sort of pinch and then it just appeared.

if I was a horse they'd shoot me! :-(

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Sounds very much like a spider bite. I should get it checked if I were you!


I doubt think it's a bite - no puncture wound and no spiders about.

I'm off to the GP later in the week - I'll let you know what's said.

Thanks for responding.


Could be a small blood vessel bursting. I had this on my thumb last week, and sometimes get it around a finger joint. If it keeps happening, see your GP. It's very painful to begin with, then gradually eases, if it's the same thing. Best wishes MariLiz

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I had something similar on my palm earlier this year - I felt a little pinch (it wasn't a bite) and then the bruise appeared. That left a little purple lump for a month or so and then that disappeared.

Thanks for taking the time to respond. The mind can run wild with all sorts of drastic possibilities!



I've just read your post, and get something similar on one of my fingers, every now and again. I thought at first I had been bitten by something, but it has now happened in many different places at different times through out the last year and a half. Two different consultants have no idea why it happens, after running lots and lots of tests. The only thing they've not done is a biopsy, but only because it's not happened since I last saw him!

It starts as a tingly/ hot feeling then swells, goes dark purple to black like a bruise and then goes down again in about 24hours, a few days later all the skin peels off the area which can be very sore.

It is always the same finger and in the same place, also two of my toes are the same but not to the same extent though.

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Mine is better today / less purple and not as swollen. It's still sore though and feels a bit stiff.

I've made a GP appointment for later in the week and will see about a blood test - just in case.

I've had the same kind of thing happen to the palm of my hand and to the upper joint of another finger in the past - then I thought I must have hit it but couldn't remember doing it. I know I didn't hit my thumb.

Thanks for responding to me - it does help to know other people have experienced the same thing.


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