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Allergic ingredients


anybody know the possible allergic ingredients in synthyroxine that may cause a negative reaction, that nature-throid won't? that I may then let my doctor know what I'm allergic to, then he may be able to priscribe me nature-throìd with a nhs prisciption...:) Clutter and greygoose, still not taking anything yet, just whole adrenal, just to recharge adrenals a bit... having another bloodtest done this week, and as you know my last two were high tsh above 8, and TP/ab's over 300, but still no real symptoms of hashimotos, and reluctent to get on to this rollercoaster unless I'm 100% sure that my body will not be able to recover it's self with the power of natural healing :) :)

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Both thyroxine and liothyronine are orthomolecular and this is a quote:

As I quote from Dr Lowe "Thyroxine is what we call an "orthomolecular" substance. This means that thyroxine is natural to the human body and necessary for health. Allergic reactions to orthomolecular substances are incompatible with health and extremely rare."

(so my assumption is that liothyronine is also orthomolecular).

It is the fillers/binders in those hormones which can affect us but might not affect another person. You would only know if you personally develop symptoms which disappeared if you changed the brand to another.

Naturethroid, it is said, is hypoallergenic due to how it is manufactured.

I am glad you don't yet have symptoms but Dr Toft (of the BTA) recommends that if you have antibodies it is beneficial to take levothyroxine to 'nip things in the bud' as there is an attack on your thyroid gland anyway due to the antibodies and thyroid gland will fail eventually.


Thank you, shaws.


Synthyroid is the USA make of thyroxine

All thyroxine T4 is synthetic in nature and produced using chemical often methylated spirits plus theuse a variety of fillers one of which is Acacia powder

If you are chemically sensitive or have hayfever you may get problems with levothyroxine

However you will have a very uphill struggle getting any NHS GP to prescribe any of the NDT on that basis


Over the period of a year Synthroid caused many negative side affects for me. I realized they related back to the Synthroid only after reading info on otger's experiences, and then looking at the same cycle my mom has been going thru over many years on it. Increased blood pressure, increased cholesterol, increased depression, muscle and joint aches all over. I kept a whole list. Can't remember them all now. But found a similar list on the site StopTheThyroidMadness and I think also in the book The Root Cause


Thanks reallyfedup,

But what possible basis could be tried, that may convince my new doctor to start me on NDTS and not synthetics, taking in to concideration that I haven't been diagnosed yet with my own GP, and have only at the moment, self and privately through blood test, come to the conclusion that something may not be quite right. Eg; high TSH, plus the 300+ TP/abs with the 3 private blood test over the last 6 months.

Anyway rambling now,

What could I say right from the beginning to my doctor, before being prescribed any medication by my him? Pm

if needed.


The fillers in Levo include lactose. Who thought that was a good idea?

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Thanks Aspmama,

I'm still a mystery at the moment, eg; really negative symptoms and all that, but picking up my fresh blood test on the 14th July, so will probably make my mind up what to do regarding taking medication then, ps are you saying there isn't lactose in Nature-throid? thanks


It has lactose in it and I'm lactose intolerant. I switched to Armour and like it so much better.

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I have no doubt whatsoever that thyroxine of itself is the cause of major symptoms /problems in the body

My husband,our daughter and 3 of her children are all totally unable to tolerate thyroxine or t3

all are hypersensitive to chemicals

What is strange is our other daughters little girl who is also coeliac has no problem with thyroxine and has so much energy she is part of a professional trampolining team

All 6 of them have Hashimotos but do the scientists want to bother to discover the genetic weak link etc ?

Not on your life

I hope you can convince your GP because otherwise you will have to do what so many others have to do and buy NDT online and self treat


Claretsmad, Unless you are allergic to fillers in other tablets it's unlikely you will be allergic to Levothyroxine. If you do have sensitivities you may also have a reaction to the fillers in NDT. Liquid thyroxine doesn't have fillers but your GP may baulk at the cost.

This link lists the ingredients of Levothyroxine and NDT which can be prescribed in the UK.


But why are my antibodies attacking me? Are they stupid or just crazy little things, is it possible that they could lose the battle?


You are a very interesting case, and you ask an important question. I think there must be several routes to hypothyroidism.

Why did you test for antibodies or anything else if you have no symptoms?

Did you have a bad viral attack of something or other shortly before you tested?

When you say: "I have no symptoms" do you mean: no fatigue, hair loss, depression, tingling in the hands at night, sensitivity to cold/heat, slowed speech, muscle weakness, scalloped tongue, nodules or lumps on thyroid, raised cholesterol level, weight gain, brain fog, weakness of muscles, gut problems ranging from bloating to constipation to reflux, dry skin and hair,loss of ability to be as effecftive as you were once, a general feeling of ltrying to drive in a dream in which you have the hand brake on but you can't take it off, and you can't wake up?

Has anyone palpated your thyroid to see if there are nodules there? Small ones can be hard to spot yourself.

Do you have any symptoms which might relate to the thyroid but you don't realise it, like pains in your feet? Headaches?

Have you tested to exclude celiac disease?




Thanks for that Aspmama

I will be getting my latest results today Tuesday,

I will get back to you soon, and will respond to the questions you asked, your interest in me, and your viets and opinions are


P's not really sure how to send private messages to certain

Individuals on here, but if You Aspmama, Clutter or greygoose,

Or anybody else that is interested in my early movement in this situation please PM me and let me me know how to PM, I have never been much into Social media stuff, eg. Facebook, insta gram, twitter etc etc,

I prefer not to get involved with that if I can.

Thanks to everybody that's has tried to help me,

I hope that I can do the same for others some day.



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