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Anyone else feeling best during periods?

Those blessed seven days I feel somewhat good hoping I would feel this way most of the time. This I can tolerate. Not healthy but decent.

It is disheartening to know the rest 21 days I feel rotten, weak, awful , dizzy, nausea and so on.

It is depressing and hard to cope to know soon the hell starts again. Between my periods I don't feel like human being at all.

I fear it never changes. I fear it never gets better :(

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Basically you feel the best when your estrogen, progesterone and testosterone are lowest.


So basically only cure is death.



I used to get wicked PMS and getting my period was a relief. It got worse and worse into my late 30s. There were times when I thought I might be losing my mind entirely. Got menopause at 52 and now am on an emotional even keel. Apparently post menopausal women are the most mentally stable and should rule the world. LOL!

I wouldn't be surprised at all if most women have the same sort of exerience as you, just not as extreme. And around here, add thyroid problems.....

Have you tried to eliminate sugar and sweet baked goods from your diet? If not, you could run an N =1 experiment on yourself for a couple of months to find out if it makes any difference.

The lower the body fat, the lower the estrogen. Which is why anorexics lose their periods and why the superfat women can have really heavy periods or even bleed continuously.


I am 36 so long way to menopause :D

I have not used added sugar for years and I do not eat anything processed. I am skinny as a hay and my fat % is relatively low. I have been seriously underweight and never lost my periods. I cannot say my periods are extremely heavy but first two days I bleed a lot.

I figured my low t3 is one reason. I am not medicated as I would have to self medicate but hesitant to do that without proper examination ruling out all other illnesses/conditions.


Justiina that must be so hard. Sorry to hear how bad you feel. My worst days are my PMS, you can even have a look at a post of my last month arghhhh. But feeling unwell the other 21 days? Not good. I got some suggestions from people here and bought the whole lot GABA magnesium Bach floral rescue tiger balm, primrose oil. But if you have it for 21 days you might need different things. Are you on the pill? That was awful for mirena too didn't help at all.


No I am not on pill. Was years ago but after some time I got so nausea that I had to quit.

I am now trying to lower my histamine burden as I feel that might be one of the reasons making me feel so terrible. Or the hormones makes me more sensitive where during the periods hives or whatever symptoms I have does not seem to be that bad.


I used to feel great on a period my gp thought I was a nut. My theory was I was not on enough thyroxin over estrogen dominance so drop in estrogen made thyroxin work. I would struggle all month to do housework. Then on a period I would spring clean whole house and painted and decorated.

in menopause now feel dreadful.

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