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periods just stopped

I had my last normal period in April of this year, after being regular for over 25 years (I am 46). I went to see an OB-Gyn who examined me, sent labs for testing, and prescribed the drug Primolut Nor which I was supposed to take for ten days. A week after taking it, I did have my period. That was in early August. It has now been six weeks, but still no period, no spotting, no discharge, nothing.

I still have some Primolut Nor left, but I am not sure I should provoke another period, but rather wait and see what happens?

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease (primary hypothyroidism) in 1995, at age 26. Strangely enough, hypothyroidism never affected my periods in any way, so what made me suspect I had a metabolic problem was that I gained weight and seemed unable to shed it, no matter how hard I dieted and exercised.

I was on T4 only drugs for many years, before switching to NDT (Armour) in 2011. At the same time, I was also put on Utrogestan (progesterone) and Estrogel. The latter is supposed to be taken from day 15-25 of period, and the second from day 5-25 of period.

When I saw my hormone doctor a month ago, she suggested I take both drugs 25 days a month, and then stop and see if I have a period. She said that is how you take E and P after menopause.

I wanted to know if anyone else has experienced periods being regular for years, then just stopping at my age? I know you can go into menopause in your early 40s already, so I am not abnormally young by any standards. I just wanted to check with others, to see if there could be another problem.

My OB-gyn sent labs for testing (pap-smear), and they all came back normal.

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Yes I was like that. Completely normal periods until i was about 42 then only seemed to have one every 3-4 months, lasting 2 days and so light as to be barely there. Then got to 45 and they just stopped completely. I'm 51 now and haven't had one since. Clemmie

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Sounds great if it worked like that...I have read over and over again that, after five years without a period, you are off the hook:-)


I've experienced the "just stopped" thing this year. Nothing for over 100 days, followed by a period that seemed throughly normal - then nothing again. It does feel odd but I have decided that as I'm that age (45) so be it - if this the beginning of the end bring it on. Or off, more appropriately. :D

I wouldn't mess with the Primolut. Just let your body do its thing.


Yes, you are right! The less drugs, the better, after all all!



Want to hear something ironic? After writing this post I went to the loo and... Yep. :)

Sorry, over sharing but it made me laugh. Not quite so menopausal at the moment after all...


Good to know, in case that happens to me as I think it's good that we can share this kind of info as well :-)


I'm 38 and I've gone from every 28 days to missing periods and no real pattern with very light bleeding. Had bloods but came back normal. Having pelvic scan end of September. Been hypo for last 15 years. 2 babies and no issues until now. I do have all the signs of a period... Bloating and cramping but no or late and light bleed. Very odd 😟


Years ago at age 48 I was working in London, the trains were on strike as were the buses when I eventually arrived back in my home town, it was very stressful and I remarked I could not carry on working this way, from that day onwards I never saw another period, they completely stopped, my mind seemed to close everything down and that was that!


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