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Anyone feeling well and positive today? I am at last!

Hi All

I am so grateful for this site. It makes me feel so relieved to know I am not going mad and not suffering alone. I just wanted to post today as I am feeling better than I have done in almost a year. I want to share my positivity as I don't know about you but I look through all the questions and blogs hoping for something to make me smile and so many of them make me feel so sad as people are really suffering. I am trying to get through the bad days and make the most of every minute of the good days. At least winter will be over soonish. Spring here we come, yippee!

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It is wonderful that you are having a good day and it's lovely to hear about it. It gives others hope that one day they will too.

Here's to a continued improvement :)

Carolyn x


I also love that your profile pic is sideways. It's the little things that tickle me :D


Thanks so much Carolyn. This time 3 weeks ago I couldn't have imagined feeling so good. I am not kidding myself it will last forever but I hope it gives others hope. I hope you are well and are able to enjoy life.


I know. Decided to leave it as it makes me laugh too!


glad you having a good day let hope this is one of very many x


Oooh enjoy your good day........ I said recently I love it when I get good days. Yep and lets hope this is one of many! xx


Great news :) I found that to start with I had the odd good day, but mostly bad, then gradually I started having a few more good days and a few less bad. This continued until one day I realised that I was mainly having good days :) My advice would be to try not to be discouraged when you have a bad day - hopefully things are improving and there will be many more good days ahead :) xx


I'm not familiar with your story, Kristi, could you highlight a bit of your history? I know it won't be the same for everyone but it may be something for someone. Especially interested if you got along with thyroxine only or did you struggle until someone was kind enough to allow NDT and if so, how did you manage that, especially if you had to deal with an ornery endo.


Glad you are having a good day. I have not posted for a while due to Christmas etc and feeling a bit yucky.

Today I feel good though. The sun is shining and the snow has gone (no falling over).

Here is a little limerick I wrote

Today the sun is shining.

For the snow, I am not pining.

Here I stand, the world is grand,

And hey, I can't stop smiling!

Good to meet you and stay positive.


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