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another call to endocrinology asking for results to be told drs have them, i tell them drs dont have them, she then goes on to tell me about a letter i should have recieved, im like what letter so thats getting posted out to me again and endo is being left a message to call me with my results

the woman on the phone wouldnt even give me numbers with ranges because shes not qualified, it dont take a ******* genius to see if your numbers are in range or not i didnt want a diagnoses just numbers

apparently a few people from my surgery are missing results

i explained what the results were for and that its causing anxiety waiting bu did she care............NOPE

and they wonder why we suffer we depression and anxiety

im just so fed up with not being kept informed on my health

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Mandy, I don't think hospital secretaries are allowed to give results over the phone although some GP receptionist can. Hopefully, you'll have the results in a few days.

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shes leaving a message for endo to call

what annoyed me is she said she was looking at them and its on the same system as drs use


Mandy, sounds like she has been instructed NOT to give results over the phone.


plus might be in an open reception area where other patients can hear everything she says, even if not knowing who she is talking to! Imagine repercussions amongst waiting patients if they heard bad news/results being given on phone and they understood the implications. Not in Mandy72 case I know, but allowing just one result on the phone sets a precedent. Sorry Mandy hope you don't have to wait long. x


Open reception is still legal in the UK? There's privacy legislation in place here and there's got to be a ton of glass between the waiting room and the receptionist/office manager. .....waiting for the microphones......


sounds good gabkad, keeps all private for both receptionist and patients in waiting areas, except for the mikes of course if left open. In reality sounds like the receptionists will feel they are imprisoned !


They have loads of space. it's the patients in the waiting room that feel a bit imprisoned. isolated.


mm, never the best of places sit to sit and wait anyway - a doctors surgery. All silence and doom and gloom!


Mandy the same happened to me very recently. If your GP orders blood tests their receptionist would have them and if the practice allows they can read them to you (with ranges) over the phone. This saves time and money to both you and GPs as you don't have to make an appointment to see your Doctor. Unfortunately mistakes can be made and some surgeries have had to stop this practice.

If your endo orders blood tests from the hospital they are returned to him/her first. Results are then sent to your GP by email. Their receptionists cannot access these and therefore you have to either have a telephone appointment with your Doc to discuss these or make a visit.

In my experience, the same goes for getting print outs of test results. My GP will print out results that their surgery does, but will not print out results that your endo orders even though they have access to them on computer.

Hope this helps



Wonder why NHS or whoever, won't let the labs give results to patients by email or post, as they do here. Results are emailed to Consultant and or GP as appropriate. for email receipt I was given a specific code to enter my own account for test results from the lab or company that runs their websites. At moment I've only got the iPad and can't print from it, so had to go back to asking for results by post in order to have a paper copy! My lab access code is from my PC, not the tablet when I had to change to their cloud email adddress and then personalise for me.


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