Autoimune thyroid, pituitary tumor removed,hydrocortisone meds and growth hormone injections

Hi i was wondering if there is anyone on this site that can help me, i have had Hashimotos for 20 yrs, had tumor removed 2 years ago, and on Hydrocortisone medication and Growth hormone injectiobs as the tumor effected my levels to severly low. All my results for meds are adequetly replaced so im told by endocrinologists. I am however really struggling getting to ans staying asleep, i toss and turn most of the night, the endo drs dont know what to suggest and i dont know where else to go as im so tired all the time and my brain just doesnt seem to work properly! Help!

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  • My tumor was pituitary tumor.

  • Rinnifer,

    I was sometimes unable to sleep 3 nights in a row until I became quite spaced out until I was optimally dosed on thyroid replacement. My GP prescribed 7 x sleeping tablets per month which enabled me to get some sleep every 2-3 nights without becoming dependent.

    If you post your recent thyroid results and ranges members will advise whether you are optimally dosed.

  • Im not sure what they are, will try and get them, i see london endo, live in Harwich, it takes around 4+ weeks to get written info! X

  • Rinnifer,

    When you get them write a new post because updates are often overlooked.

  • apologies in advance if my suggestions are a bit alternative.Your strong and very neccesary meds are acting to give you a bit of the even 2 years on your body probably is still adjusting.thoughts- strong and good aromatherapy oils can really help.lavender camomile bergamot etc.I once had a friend in ITU who was totally awake stuck on a breathing machine.dripping these oils round the friend put them gently to sleep where the strong anaesthetic failed.a short walk before bed in fresh air.really nice herbal tea in a proper old pot,make a ritual before going to bed.keep all electrics away from up for silk pillow as its like stroking your head.try some relaxing music.Or you could try trying NOT to sleep.get up,knit,read,write,put a movie on.The more you try to sleep and it alludes you,the more difficult it is.I dont know much brain medicine but maybe the melatonin is upset too,could test that on private labs.if you can,could you siesta in day for a set time?.a diminishing light lamp dimming can put you off to sleep and then they can gently wake you in morning.Try massaging your limbs with nice lotion too.recognise that with time,and yes its 2 years now it can all settle down.bodies are often very wakeful after a surgical assault on takes a significant time after a big operation to really feel settled to an kind to yourself and realise it will partner and me are up a lot at night.he has MS and can't sleep,I've 8 Ft if gut chopped out and get up often.we have adjusted to it overtime but it is a bit like Piccadilly circus sometimes.

  • Thankyou, i will try the oils, i thought about melatonin, however it says underactive autoimmune patients shouldnt take it. Try the tea too thanks, i need my phone to wake me up to take my meds at 7, or il sleep on and off until 10/11 some mornings.

  • could ask your endo docs about the melatonin

  • Yes, i will try, my next apt is in december x

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