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drs permission for results

i just called for a copy of urine and cortisol bloods to be told they need to ask for drs permission

i had a call of this dr last night (neither of us like each other) and he said my blood looked low and urine looked ok i dont have cushings but i need to discuss further with endo who i dont see until next year

i want to post results so i can see what i need to do next

i feel awful

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Phone the surgery and say that you spoke to the doctor last night and you'd like to collect a copy of your blood test results. (We are entitled to copies of our results and they should also have the ranges as labs differ in the machines they use.


receptionist called back and said i could have print off

ive never had to have permission before


That's good - maybe surgery has changed procedures. Probably so many hypo patients asking for copies :)


my GP surgery uses something called SystmOnline which you can use to book appointments/request prescriptions on, the other thing you can do is see all blood results as well as referral letters to specialists and letters from these specialists to GP. It's really useful and I believe more and more GPs surgeries in the UK are using it but I'm not sure about geographical location of where it's used. As far as I can see everything is documented on it including phone calls to the surgery and appointments/discussion with doctors. Is it possible your surgery may use this?

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we have visiononline all we can do is book appointments and order prescriptions but i know its being updated


If yu want YOUR results printed they can charge for the copy but the G P CANNOT refuse to give you your results, they belong to YOU not the doctor.


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