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T3 what is going on?

OK I am on Levo and T3 as I have no thryoid now 10 yrs removed. I saw one of the endo team in August who paniced as my T3 was a bit high and cut the dose for 4 weeks then more bloods. Now I cant get a call back from her at the hospital to see what the latest tests are.

I have as you would all expect gone down hill rapidly in a month to what I was 2 yrs ago. What gets me is I am a carer and PA as my job so if drs dont look after me I cant look after my clients. I did politly tell the drs secretary this and that I would self medicate in line with The Profs guidance ( lady drs boss). still no call and I am holding off self meds abit longer.

What worries me is so many of us need T3 as The Prof told me "your body cant convert T4 into T3" so no amount of Levo is going to change that.

At least this lady dr is also behind on tell my dr to change my prescription which I have to get from a chemist 10 miles away. so until they do I wil keep getting my old dose each month.

But what is going to happen if no drs or endo give T3 ? if we all go buying elsewhere is that not playing into their ie nhs hands?

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No, I don't think it is. That assumes that they have some evil plan up their sleeves. Most of them are too gormless to have any sort of plan beyond lunch. They just do not understand the importance of T3 - they didn't do it in med school! Most of them don't even know what it is!!!


The only game doctors are playing in the NHS is to save money.

Doctors just do what they can get away with but it isn't done out of maliciousness, except in a few cases, it is done out of ignorance.


I hope you take better care of your clients than your doctor is of you. If you value your health and you know what it needs, don't, on some moral principle, hold off doing it since they are not as principled as they should be. Many have already gone off to obtain their own T3 and are probably better off for it. In fact, I wish everyone would.


Oh yes I do take far better care of my clients. I visit them in their homes. As some days I am hoisting etc for those who can no longer do anything I take it as an honor that I am trusted to help them safely. I guess this is why I am not going to let this drop and will go to the top man the Prof if his underling does ot get her act together


OK, go for it. I think others have tried and even mentioned a class action suit. I've heard people here state they have lost their jobs or been demoted, have lost their partners, have had to quit school which seems to be so unnecessary if it due to doctors who don't even follow the policies set in place. Do you know what those are pertaining to hypothyroid?

Just in case. I sent you a PM.


It's all about money. It has very little to do with your health. Anytime a doc "panics" when YOU are feeling well at your current dose and the doc does not care how you FEEL, it's time to find another doc. If I were in your position and could not get sufficient T3 from NHS, I would buy additional T3 online and then tell off the doc. PM me if you don't know what the online sources are.

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:) Update for you all. I win. Happy bunny here. Dr finally called me from the hospital its only taken a week!.

The blood tests that started all this T3 saga when my dose was cut to half a tablet oncea day instead of twice were.

TSH 0.03 (0.03-5), T4 13.3 (9-24), T3 7.2 (3.5-6.5) ranges in () taken on 4/8/16.

Results for bloods taken on 16/9/2016 ( T3 not taken until After blood results as I could not remember what I did in August).

Same ranges as above. TSH 0.06, T4 14.9, T3 4.8

I basically told here I have been waking 6 times a night luckly to get and hours sleep before awake again. Really cold feet and legs causing problems walking and driving and politely remined her I do have a client in a wheelchair who is unable to do anything for themselves. I said I need to increas my T3 now to get me better. In one month I have deteriated to where I was two yrs ago at least. She went on about TSH out of range so told her Prof said I am well that way and I dont convert T4 so hence has T3 too.

In fact jan 2016 results were TSH 0.06, T4 15.8, T3 4.7. I rest my case.

Dr agreed I can have T3 twice a day again as I understand the risks but I must be careful. I pushed her into it as I was not going to take no for an answer.

Thank you all for your replies and I will let you know how it goes. All this fight for half a tablet!


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