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Natural thyroid buying on line

Hi, I saw a post here somewhere from a person, jane101 t think it was, giving info on where you can buy nature thyroid from the US. I will have a prescription but it might be better to get it myself. I am not sure which brand I will take also and have yet to meet with the doctor but want to be prepared. I hope to get it from the US as it will keep costs down for me, already on meds, one I get from the US already (Ldn)). I hope to take ndt with the least amount of fillers possible. Any brand with no fillers?

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You could first look at


Hi Thornehazel, if you go on the Stop the Thyroid Madness site there is a page listing all the NDT's and their fillers.


If you have a prescription you can get it from the UK. Or any large chemists.

The one with the least fillers etc is Nature-Throid or WPure both made by the same company. WPure is I think costs a bit more.


Hi. For nature thyroid go to<Admin Deleted> order from Europe.

For ldn go to Dickson chemist in Glasgow.

you can talk to them at the chemist in Glasgow and they can help you with all your questions.

I get a private prescription from a Dr there and pay for 3 months at a time for Ldn delivered.Inexpensive and safe.

All the best


Hi With a script I find Springfield , Richmond by post the cheapest and they would advice as a chemist.0208 255 8096.



WP Thyroid from RLC Labs has the least fillers.


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