Natural treatments for hyperthyroidism?

I have Graves' disease and hyperthyroidism and am so fed up with feeling so fatigued that I can barely function. I'm also fed up dealing with stupid doctors who really don't care and have no idea what your going through. Since starting Carbimazole I have felt so bad that my whole life just feels like one big crisis. My marriage (24 years) is hanging by a thread because of my aggression. I am failing my children too and can barely be bothered with them. They too are fed up of my aggressive verbal behaviour. I am going to stop the treatment and look for alternative treatments. Anyone know any that seem to work?

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It sounds as though you may be a little undermedicated. When was your last blood test?

I don't think there is a natural alternative to Carbimazole.

My last blood test was beginning of April. Not even seeing consultant until July. They told me by letter I was hyperthyroid and to go to the GP who would give me a low dose of Carbimazole. (20mgs daily). I'm just fed up with everything. Wrote a letter of complaint to my GP today as they stopped champix as they were worried about my mood??? Don't they know what's it's like to be hyperthyroid?? I couldn't convince them that my mood is low due to my hyperthyroidism and graves and not champix. So I'm feeling fed up as my chances of giving up smoking are slim and GPS just don't listen to patients. Think I'd rather just stop meds and disengage from the medical profession who are completely useless.


Ideally your GP will do another blood test to check whether 20mg is enough. Testing at 6 weeks intervals is quite common when first diagnosed hyperthyroidism. I'd say don't worry about smoking except it is really bad if you have thyroid eye disease.

Don't do anything rash although life must be awful for all of you.

Those who have hyperthyroidism and similar treatment will respond. Don't stop the treatment - maybe reduce slightly to see if that helps. Others will be along who have been through the same trauma as yourself.

Tell your family your behaviour is due to you being very unwell with excess hormones and it affects your brain the most as you've too much running through your body.

Tell your family that, at present, your emotions are out of control due to your serious illness. Just because we can walk about doesn't mean we aren't unwell. Your body is in overdrive.

Thank you for your lovely reply. My life is falling apart, I've told my family why I'm the way that I am and it seems to go into one ear and out the other. I'm usually a strong person who clearly keeps the family going but we're all just falling to pieces and the worse I get the more horrific it is. I just can't feel this bad any longer. Maybe alternative treatments can make me feel normal again.

GRetna99. I have similar condition as you have, only I don't feel as bad as you. My doc prescribed Propanolol MR 80mg caps. (Beta blockers and they calm me down very well. If I dont take them my pulse goes to one thirty very quickly and I feel up in the air. Could you try for those. Good luck Val x

So sorry to hear about your difficult symptoms. The thyroid rage is very difficult but will subside as your levels lower. It's important to get another blood test and see how you're doing and there ARE natural alternatives bit they are often best used in complimentary ways and can be combined with carbimazole to help. First and foremost, without buying anything herbal you can look at your diet. Check the amount of iodine you are consuming - avoid sea fish, sea salt and never ever eat seaweed. If you google low thyroid diet you can see what contains iodine. Now that diet is extreme but I adopt a moderate version of that to help control the production of thyroid hormone. Next thing is certain cheap foods can act like antithyroid - broccoli, spinach, kale etc. Now please please do not attempt to come off carbimazole without support from an expert. But adding a cup of goitrogens on top of your carbimazole can help. Google Elaine Moore. She is an expert in graves and hyperthyroidism. She writes about alternative treatments as well as traditional treatments but she is very well qualified and knowledgeable. She also has a forum where she very kindly answers questions. There may also be vitamins that will help with symptoms. Things will improve and in the meantime try to remember that you are not alone

Hi Gretna99, I feel for you being there this time last year 😟 Not good but I was also put on beta blockers which I think helped my symptoms as the Carbimazole took a few weeks to work. My family struggled with me aa well, I had been the household 'executive' and all those skills just went 😲. Just look after yourself at this time and reduce stress where you can, as it's been about two months since your blood test ask your GP to repeat in preparation for seeing the consultant and you will hopefully see some improvementXx

Hi I've been hyper for just over six weeks I'm on 40mg carb and Propanalol, I know I couldn't have got through this without my husband and daughter so I really feel for you. The propanalol really chilled me out in the first few weeks, perhaps you should ask for some? See if it helps. Like everyone says look after yourself -easier said than done sometimes I know but you're in this for a long time. You don't say how old your children are, could they help? Can a friend? If you're trying to stop smoking that won't help with your moods maybe you're tackling too much at once - one thing at a time eh? Hope you're ok xxx

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