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Help! Can anyone recommend private doctor for hypothyroid?


I have been diagnosed hypothyroid for 3 years now and have been on 100mcg of levothyroxine for this time. I have never felt any better on it! Symptom wise I am still exhausted all the time, unable to lose weight, cold, hair loss, depressed and feel constantly in a fog. I last had a blood test 4 weeks ago where apparently my TSH levels were normal- how can that be?!!

In desperation I have just gone to see a private consultant whom I thought would be able to help me. In just a 5 minute appointment (which cost me £185) he told me as I had 2 small children this was why I was tired and all my other symptoms can be put down to getting older and peri-menopausal. I'm 29!!! I have a large goitre on my neck which is getting bigger every year and I feel absoutely desparate. I'm on anti-depressants as I feel so low.

Has anyone gone to a sympathetic private doctor who's actually listened?! And is willing to prescribe other treatments based on symptoms and not just "normal" blood tests? Any advice or recommendations would be gratefully received!

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Please get a copy of your latest blood test results from the doctor, with the ranges, and post them for comments. If you don't have them today, post on a new question.


If you email she has a list of doctors.

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I went to see an Endo who was on the thyroid list and was very pleased. I paid £200 for 3/4hour, had examination by Endo. BP, weight, height taken by nurse. He somehow knew the right questions to ask and also spent time asking my husbands questions about how he felt I was coping. Definitely worth doing. Oh! My GP was very helpful when he knew I was going private and sent up-to-date blood tests, reports and graphs about my condition. I am in Kent and if this is near you I would be happy to PM you with his name.


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