Can anyone help with advice on hypothyroidism and contraception?

From the bit of research I've done, I can see that having an oestrogen based form of contraception is not a good idea if you suffer from hypothyroidism. But does anyone know if a progesterone based one is okay, in particular the slow release pill? Obviously there is the coil/iud but my sister has had a great deal of trouble with this (lots of infections) so I would like to avoid it if at all possible.

I've only just got my medication levels right for me and managed to lose 3 stone plus feel normal again, after a lot of battling and moving to Scotland from England to be registered with my old family doctor again! So, I really don't want anything that will mess up my levels, as I'm sure you can all sympathise :).

If anyone has any advice/experience that would be great :). And thank you very much for your time!

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  • An inplant might be worth considering, ive used this for the past 18 years with no problems x

  • Hi Helen, had this before I was diagnosed but unfortunately it's oestrogen based :(

  • I think if you google it you will find it is progesterone based

  • I apologise Helen! I had one for 5 years and always thought it was oestregen!

  • I had no problems with the implant which is progesterone but I also have no problems with the normal pill. I take it before bed and thyroid meds in morning

  • Hi I have a copper coil and I absolutely love it,never had any problems. I think it's only a small amount of people that have problems with it. I personally think it's risky to add unnecessary hormones to your body when you already have a hormonal problem (hypothyroidism). Don't get me wrong some people are fine,but some people really suffer with their hypo symptoms because of it. I just wouldn't take that risk.

  • I second this! Not that fun to have 'installed' but I don't even know it's there now and I know it can't affect my thyroid!

  • Thank you! Maybe I'll reconsider the coil as it's probably the only I won't have to worry about hormones with!

  • I discovered that the combined pill caused me to need more thyroxine as my TSH rose to 17 and I put on weight. Perhaps I wouldn't have put on weight if my thyroxine had been increased accordingly. I also suffered chronic thrush at that time as a result. Later I switched to the progesterone only pill which I found better but I also have the feeling it caused me to gain weight. I also happened to lose weight after stopping it. Could be a coincidence? or not. If you do go on the pill get your TSH checked after 2 or so months and keep it below 2.

  • Thanks Natalie, that's really helpful! I hope you're back to normal now :)

  • I suggest your partner takes a great deal more responsibility and you use non pill forms of contraception

    any hormone be it oestrogen or progesterone will muck up your thyroid balance

    same goes for flouride and aluminium

  • My partner takes a great deal of responsibility thank you very much. It is my desire to look for a different form of contraception.

  • Then you need to look at non hormonal ones if you have thyroid disease or you could face many more problems down the line

    Dr Peatfield has published info on the nasty effects or pill, implants etc on thyroid women

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