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Medication - Taking

I take all my tablets at the same time around an hour before breakfast, but should I be completely following the directions?

I just decant into my pill box and haven't read the instructions for many years but following a comment on a post people spoke about taking the tablets at different times.

Along with Levothyroxine , I also take many other as I am also Diabetic, Calcium Deficient , High Blood Pressure, Chloesterol ( Take at bedtime) and add in my own over the counter vitamins.

Do people find they are more responsive or it doesnt really make a difference


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Levothyroxine should be taken alone and approx 1 hour before eating. Other medications should be taken well away from levo and I take any others at lunchtime so there's little possibility of interference with the uptake of levo.


Couldn't possibly comment on anything else in your cocktail.

So many substances interfere with levothyroxine that the only safe advice is to take it away from food, drink (other than water), supplements and other medicines. By at least an hour. Four hours for iron supplements and calcium or aluminium.

Even if the active ingredients of the other medicines do not interfere, the excipients (things like iron, aluminium, calcium (e.g. chalk), dextrin, starches, etc.) could well interfere. It is much harder to identify interference from excipients because most of the research into these things concentrates on the active ingredients.

It is always a good idea to read the Patient Information Leaflets. They do change over the years. They do vary from one maker to another. I know they are not fascinating reading but if there is information there, and you don't read them, you really cannot blame anyone else for not letting you know.


I also have a bit of a 'cocktail', but my understanding is that the levo in particular doesn't want to be within an hour of anything else. I take levo at bedtime and others in the morning/afternoon. My list is of course different to yours, and I would suggest a chat with your pharmacist, who is after all an expert in this stuff!


thanks All - will download the Pt Info Leaflet for everything i take and evaluate when to take but think I will be switching to Levo in the evening asap.

Thanks for the input :-)


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