Hi guys my old user name was Justbee but I closed down due to being in the depts of dispair . I felt like no point living like this as I wasn't getting anywhere. Anyhow I've rejoined as I've pulled myself together an now have adjusted that I will do one day at a time . I know I've something else going on an have been referred to a reumy... 65 week waiting list I think I've either got fibro cfs me but who knows anyway I'm so glad to be feeling more positive. Still on my t4 t3 not doing to bad now on it . Hope you all understand an I'm glad to be back an getting the fab help an support from you all 🌸

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  • Hi Snooze, welcome back, glad to hear you're feeling positive and up to joining again. This is a good place to come when you need support.

    What a long wait to see a rheumy. Isnt there anywhere you could be seen a bit sooner? Y cant surely be expected. wait all that length of time to see someone. That is just terrible. I've just been diagnosed with some sort of inflammatory arthritis. i saw the doctor and our local hospital has a 'fast track' intervention system in place.

    My appointment took longer than it should have done but i was still seen in a couple of months. I was told that Rheumatology and another clinic were running behind their waiting times but that they triaged their referrals - prbably on the basis of their blood trsts - which they seemed to do. I saw someone in September, was put on a tral of steroids with the offer of DMARDS. if the stetoids workred, they did and I'm now taking hydroxychloriqune and tailing off the steroids. Im sure if y couod get your pain sorted out y wouod feel an awful lot better, I know I do.

    It is hard to believe how much better my body feels now, i can use my hands normally now and id reached the stage where I had had to buy things to attach to plugs because i didn't have the strength to pull them out of the wall. It was only once i started on the steroids that I realised how awful my body had been feeling and also how badly I had been sleeping.

    Have a look at the NRAS community on HU. - you might find it helpful with your rheumatoid problems, some on there might be able to give you advice about how to be seen a bit faster. Anyway, welcome back :)

  • Thanks sooo much unfortunately I live in ni an that's how bad the waiting times are I've joined a private health scheme which is fab but have to be in 6 mths before you can use the benefits. Il see my go for pain relief until then it's just worrying when you know something not right but sure lots of people wirse than me . Thanks again 😊

  • :) Welcome back Snooze, you've made a positive move just by coming back to us all at Thyroid UK.

    Onwards and upwards they say ;) :)


  • Ah thanks I you r such lovely people 🌸

  • Welcome back justbee/snooze

    We're all only human, and it's not easy being upbeat when we not well.

    I really hope you can be seen sooner, for that's a desperate wait.

    Glad the T3 & T4 are helpin some, thinking of you


  • That is so tough isnt it but you're right, there are loads of people who are much worse. Awful thought isn't it.

    Definitely worth seeing about pain relief, it's amazing how much you can 'get used to' it was only when I got rid of the pain that I realised how bad it had been. 😊

  • Thanks Snooze. You give me hope that one day I might start to get better too and find someone who can give me something other than t4!

  • Above all, be kind to yourself, cut yourself some slack, feel no guilt for what you do not do and celebrate the wonderful things that you manage to achieve. Nobody knows you as well as you know yourself - be your final judge and ALWAYS judge kindly.

    Words of my GP who is ALWAYS right!

  • Thank you very much for that . Very kind words I will def keep this in mind . You've put a smile on my face thanks 🌸😊

  • Welcome back Snooze.

  • Thank you 🌸💃.

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