Finally T3 prescribed by my Endo

Finally T3 prescribed by my Endo

Hey all

After battling the NHS and the ignorance of many Endos, I have finally met an amazing endo, and I picked up my prescription of T3 today.

The Endo was saddened to hear about my battle with the Endos at a london hospital, and the fact they had discharged me, because I could not take Levothyroxine. After years of Health issues and scares re heart issues, this marvellous man prescribed T3, as long as I was taking T4. I am currently taking Porcine Glandular, however I need to find a natural T4, with no T3.

Any recommendations welcome guys,.


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  • I have never seen any T4-only medicine other than levothyroxine.

    I suspect it would be difficult (or costly!) to remove all the T3 but leave the T4 if they started with desiccated thyroid.

  • Thanks Helvella, Im seeing Dr Peatfield soon, so he may know.

    Take care

  • I wish you well.

  • Thank you

  • Monic01, Natural comes as T4+T3. T4 solus is synthetic.

  • Thanks Clutter

  • That's great news for you. Good health.


  • Great news for you Monica.

    May I ask where the endo is?

  • Hi Thyr

    It's Dr L at Royal Orpington hospital.

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  • Many thanks and apologies to you and the site for not asking you to PM me, I was only wondering about the location but should have anticipated you might kindly give further info.

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