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Border line and difficulty getting a diagnosis

I am seeing my Doctor this afternoon to discuss some recent blood tests. Turns out I am anemic and according to the nurse whom I spoke to my thyroid is a little out of kilter.

I have a feeling I am going Hypo but can't figure out the levels I was given and wondered if anyone could please help?

T4 19.3

TSH 0.04

Thyroid illness is in my immediate family .My Mother was Hyper but now Hypo after taking the iodine drink several years ago. My Grandmother was also Hypo and a cousin (on my Father's side) is borderline Hyper, but being treated due to the illness damaging her eye.

Many thanks

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It looks like you may be borderline hyperthyroid although it is a little difficult to tell without a T4 reference range. If you have the ranges could you please post them just to confirm my suspicions :)

It does look like your nurse may be right especially given your family history. Your thyroid should be checked again in around 6 weeks to make sure that it is not a one-off result and to see if things have changed once your iron levels are better (iron levels can affect how well your body uses thyroid hormones).

If your thyroid is becoming overactive, you can have many symptoms similar to those of hypothyroidism. Some of the symptoms are the same for hypo- and hyperthyroidism. Although you may find that some of your hypo symptoms are due to the anaemia (again, a lot of common symptoms).

It's good to know that your nurse is on the ball with this. Hopefully you will get any treatment you need sooner rather than later.

Carolyn x


Many thanks for your reply, Carolyn. I have had a borderline blood test before at another surgery but they choose to take no further action and whom are now in special measures, say no more! I changed surgeries about a year ago and symptoms have returned so I went for a check up, hence the blood test. I am keeping fingers crossed my new GP will be more on the ball.

Unfortunately I don't have the ranges, where would I attain these from? Having seen my Mother when she was Hyper (and undiagnosed at the time) I wasn't aware Hyper can cause absolute fatigue and weakness. I haven't experienced the racing heart beat but my skin is very dry and I am getting awful headaches, not sure if those are associated with either.

Very helpful to read your comments re how anemia can affect thyroid function. I will see what the Doc has to say today but I will definitely remind her of my family history and the fact I have Private Health Insurance if the Doc feels a referral would be helpful. I know the Nurse said they would probably take another blood test in three months time to check the anemia. Sounds rather a long time to wait.

Thanks again for your help. Its like a mine field working out the ranges and symptoms etc.,


Your doctor should have the ranges. If your receptionist is usually ok to give results over the phone, she may be able to give you the ranges. Just avoid busy times for a helpful response :)

Three months is a good amount of time regarding the anaemia but it's rather long to wait for another thyroid test, especially as you have tiredness and weakness which could either be from the anaemia or thyroid. It might be that as your thyroid tests are borderline, they want to wait and see if your symptoms are resolved by treating the anaemia. The symptoms of anaemia are very similar to those of thyroid dysfunction so it is good to get that treatment going first.

If treating the anaemia sorts out all your symptoms, treatment for your thyroid condition may not be necessary just yet however it would be wise to get your thyroid checked annually even if you are feeling well and sooner if symptoms return. If your symptoms don't improve, checking your thyroid again would be a good idea.

I hope it all goes well with your doctor.

Carolyn x


Thanks so much for your helpful response, Carolyn. I just called my surgery. The receptionist answered she is not able to give a range because it depends upon whether a patient has other medical conditions..... I will ask my GP this afternoon.

If I don't improve on the iron medication will definitely go back to see my GP. I would need to because I feel so weak and fatigued.

Can bad headaches at the frontal cortex area also be a sign of either condition?

Thanks again for your help


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