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Thyrogold delivery from USA to UK


Ordered thyrogold from USA ; it's nearly 3 weeks now and I'm getting worried;

The company --natural health solutions have you signing a form which clears them of any responsibility if the parcel is 'lost'. I may have made a big mistake, I don't know where I can check re. Customs in this country UK.

Any suggestions?



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Have you contacted Thyrogold to check when the package was actually posted by them?


How frustrating for you. If it helps ease your mind slightly, it can take up to 21 days to receive thyroid products from the U.S. This time lapse is stated by suppliers I've looked into. This length of time can be due to how long the order takes to clear customs. Your's maybe stuck in customs somewhere.

Someone else here may help you further with your question.

This link may help you in the meantime:

Good luck. Hope you receive your parcel soon.


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