The Truth About Cancer - A Global Quest

The Truth About Cancer - A Global Quest

I've been watching this fascinating series online after happening upon it by chance. It is hosted by a guy called Ty Bollinger who travels the world interviewing amazing experts and cancer survivors, all who use and advocate natural treatments.

At this moment in time, as far as I know I don't have cancer, although I have previously had skin cancer.

However this has got me thinking. My own immune system is attacking my body and I think a lot of the treatments discussed in this series would undoubtedly be beneficial in treating auto immune conditions. So I'm going to research further and see where it takes me.

Just thought I'd share as I wondered if anyone else out there had also been watching this ?

With best of health wishes


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  • Hi Pupp, yes, I've been watching all the episodes, everything is explained really well. I have learned a lot and have been taking notes re: useful supplements etc. The part about Frankincense and Myrrh was interesting.

    No.7 is here, if anyone else is interested.

    The only problem is finding enough time to watch them all!

  • Hi annie-7, yes I was fascinated by the frankincense and myrrh too. I've ordered some of each and if I like them I think they could make very apt Christmas presents!

  • LuckyKat, have you found organic frankincense and myrrh products that are safe for ingestion/oral use?

  • I'm sticking with the essential oils to rub onto the skin for now. In the episode about essential oils they did point out that the skin is an efficient way to absorb the oils and the people who were ingesting it were doing so because they were in desperate straits. I'm hoping the essential oils will provide the protection I'm looking for, much like the doctor who said his mother and her friends were making face creams with the frankincense and myrrh oils.


  • Yes, I posted this series a few days ago, and the previous series a year ago. As far as I know, if you buy this online/downloadable series, you can also nominate one other person to rcv exactly the same for free.

    It is essentially a series to help us retain/restore health - if/when possible! :)

  • Hi Londinium, found this on YouTube, not sure if it's the full version, but still useful.

    Maybe all the episodes will be there eventually.

  • Hi Annie, yes the film maker has a channel on YouTube and releases each episode for free and then takes it down, about a day or so later.

    You can find some of the episodes posted by others elsewhere, but they are likely to eventually be deleted, just as they were last year.

    The entire 9 part series is available indefinitely if you purchase it, and you can nominate another person to rcv the same for free.

  • Hi Pupp, I haven't seen this particular one but the many I have seen over the years convinces me that cancer is very curable even now. Most successful doctors have been chased out of the U.S. to Mexico. Some have suffered tremendous persecution. Has the program brought any of this out? Hoxsey Clinic, Gerson Therapy, Dr. Burzynski?

    There are just too many powerful agents that prefer to keep the cancer "business" going.

  • Hi Heloise, I think that the people involved are very brave going up against big pharma. However, it really brings it home to you when you watch an interview with one of the Doctors and the caption says "The late Dr Bradstreet".

  • 60 Minutes, a tv show, did a segment on Dr. Burzynski and showed how often they tried to shut him down. But he is still practicing and having success treating children's brain tumors. A doctor I followed on the internet for ten years eventually lost his license because of using alternatives that were not even illegal....acupuncture, homeopathy...and he couldn't afford to fight all the legal battles.

    Do you feel Dr. Bradstreet was so embattled, he died?

  • Hi Heloise, this is what happened,

  • Oh, how tragic. As I thought...curing cancer is really a deadly matter and I'm not talking about the patients. I absolutely believe that corporations wanted to stop him in any way they could.

    My son is a PhD in biochemical engineering and is working on a device that cancer centers are interested in. Now I'm worried about him. I only hope that these corporations might make more money on the cures and be willing to lose money on their drugs!

    People have to learn there is an evil out there and need to be discerning and cautious. I'm so sorry for Dr. Bradstreet and his family. He probably should have gone to Mexico and let patients come to him.

    I'm so happy for Lucky Cat and her husband. I am going to post a video about enzymes because they seem to be the new "fighters" for health.

  • Yes they discussed the abhorrent persecution of these talented people, what a disgrace

  • Hi Pupp, we used many of the suggestions in last year's series to beat my husband's pancreatic cancer. What you learn from the series is that there are many, many natural ways to treat cancer. Such a pity conventional doctors would rather poison, burn or cut patients to pieces.

  • Hi LuckyKat,

    May I ask what the main things were that your husband did/didn't do to overcome pancreatic cancer?

  • Hi Londinium, high doses of iodine; liposomal vitamin c/l-lysine/proline as recommended by Pauling and Roth; pancreatic enzymes on an empty stomach; tumeric/bromelain; fulvic acid. We also bought an ozone machine to add oxygen to our drinking water and cut out as much sugar as possible from our diet.

    Basically we changed the body's environment to one that cancer doesn't like - alkalinity (iodine), oxygen rich, sugar free, electricity (the fulvic acid) and attacked the cancer with the enzymes and tumeric and bromelaine.

    What comes out of The Truth About Cancer series is that lots of things work and it's good to try many different protocols.

    Regards, Katy

  • Thanks Katy, may I ask which water filter you use, if any? I've looked at a few online but can't decide which is beneficial, easy to use and affordable.

  • Hi, we just have a basic Britta jug and then we treat the water with one of the ozone generators that you can get for just under £50 on Amazon.


  • Katy, you just drink it after ozoning it? Does it taste any different? Can the ozone be used on juices too?

  • Yes, you just drink it and it tastes fine. Needs to be drunk straight away or the ozone dissipates. No idea about juices, but can't think of any reason it wouldn't work.

  • Hi Katy,

    How did your husband's GP and oncologist respond when he rejected their kind offer of chemo and radiotherapy etc? And how did they respond when they realised he had succeeded in overcoming his pancreatic cancer? Did they put it down to pure coincidence? Did they say that they probably had originally misdiagnosed him?

  • Hi Londinium,

    Our GP hasn't been involved because when my husband had his first attacks of pancreatitis (nearly 16 years ago) he wasn't getting any help from our then GP (who admitted he knew little about the condition) or the doctors at the first two hospitals he ended up in. By researching himself on the internet - where have we heard that before? - he discovered that there was a protocol followed by a hospital in Manchester and copied by the John Radcliffe in Oxford. He managed to get a referral to Oxford and has been under the care of the consultants there ever since.

    I use the term 'care' fairly loosely, but they were monitoring him and so discovered the cancer early. He was then sent to the Churchill cancer hospital. After reviewing a scan the specialist declared he could operate - a huge undertaking in this case, removing a lot of important parts thereby leaving the patient practically an invalid for life - or go the chemo route. My husband told them he'd rather do nothing and the doctor agreed that was an option. When we received our copy of this man's letter to our GP he had changed his mind and decided the operation was too big and my husband was unlikely to survive it.

    Since the scan that showed the cancer has gone we have just had the letter confirming the result. Our GP has not made contact, there has been no further word from the Churchill and my husband has a routine appointment at the John Radcliffe next month that was already in place before we heard that the cancer had gone.

    It will be interesting to hear what they say. I am going to type out a list of all the things we did just in case they're interested, but like you, we're expecting them to make up reasons for the cancer disappearing.

  • So your GP hasn't congratulated your husband or asked what, if anything, he'd done since.

    Er, Katy, you could perhaps accidentally leave your phone's voice memo record on when you attend the appt, and then listen back to them fidgeting and making their excuses.

    Please do update me/us about the appt! :)

  • Katy, just my opinion but I would not tell them a thing. I look at this like warfare and what you give to the enemy that could be used against you or anyone who helped you, even any company that made anything that helped you. should be protected. To me, if they take you seriously, they would first look at any threat to themselves which might cause retaliation. Hopefully they won't take you seriously. Unless you feel they would use this knowledge for some good purpose, I would save your knowledge or experience for people who are truly seeking it.

    Continued good health to you both!!!!!

  • Hi Heloise,

    Good point. Perhaps we'll see how the conversation goes and decide if we're dealing with the usual closed minds.


  • That's amazing Luckycat and so inspiring to hear your husband beat the cancer ! x

  • Great to see all your comments, and learn from your experiences also. I've purchased the whole series - so I've got a lot of watching, listening and learning ahead of me. I hope more people find out about this. Sadly it's not until some people are in dire straits before they look for the alternative ....hopefully one day, in a brave new world x

  • It seems there are just a handful of us who have truly listened to this brilliant series. I can see that it is so difficult to talk to people who have their eyes and ears closed to it. I put this down to brainwashing. We are brainwashed by the adverts on the tv, and live in a nanny state. So when it comes to cancer most believe that they have to have these barbaric so called treatments because it just sounds like the norm.

    I was so delighted to meet Trevor and Carol Smith on holiday recently. I recognised them from the 9th episode. Trevor was told he had around 18 months to live as he had bladder cancer. They wanted to remove his bladder, prostate and then make a new bladder from some of his intestines. They chose to take the 18 months. His quality of life would not have been good. Then they slowly discovered alternative health.

    Wow, Trevor looked amazing after being cancer free for 3.5 years now. Carol put it down to research, nutrition and cannabis oil. There is no longer a tumour in his bladder! Carol has helped hundreds of people on her Facebook site. I have read her book called Taking Control. Well done to both of them!

    Thought I would share that with you anyway.

    The truth will be heard eventually.


  • Hi suze, I watched The Truth about Cancer and found it enlightening. It has made me question a lot of things. That's so great to hear that people like Trevor are getting better.

    I've actually just finished watching the Cannabis Health Summit, it was very good with some truly amazing people.

  • Annie I just wish that friends could see what is happening. It is so frustrating when I try to mention anything they just poo poo it.

    Glad that you have found it all enlightening like me.

    I will look at the cannabis health summit.

    You can see why big Pharma don't want us using a natural plant to get us better!


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