'The truth about sugar'

Did anyone see the BBC documentary recently 'The Truth about Sugar' with Fiona Phillips? The programme was mostly good information with scientific experiments. However, three-quarters through, an "expert" produced evidence that artificial sweeteners were far better for health/calories as you used much less for the same affect.......Even Cancer Research said it was safe. I really couldn't believe my ears. I just wondered who had sponsored the programme to demonise sugar and exalt artificial sweeteners.

Do they really think we are that gullible!

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  • Yes, I saw it and thought that it was quite good up to the point when they started extolling the virtues of artificial sweeteners! I wonder what they'll have to say about calories this week? I'll be watching with interest.

  • I agree, it was rather disappointing to put this message across to the viewer. I think the BBC is pretty conservative in the way it documents reports on health. Keeping in line with NHS and government guidelines because it's a government owned channel (this is my view anyway!). The NHS 'Change For Life' campaign are presently promoting artificial sweetners in their 'Sugar Swaps' leaflet, so maybe this is where the link comes in with the programme? : nhs.uk/change4life/Pages/lo...

    If they read this article from Dr Mercola on aspartame, they may think differently!!: articles.mercola.com/sites/...

  • I had quite a to do with a NHS Dietician, a Social Worker, 2 of my son's Carers and my own husband, regarding the dismerits of sweeteners, Aspartame especially, which I believe should not be taken with Metformin. He is actually having Stevia, which I have known about for some years previous to the recent advice about it, so was pleased that it came onto the market. They did reluctantly say this was alright. I felt so alone, but justified yesterday when our Diabetic Nurse said she was not happy with his HbA1C at the level it was and could lower this with diet. As luck would have it I was with one of the better carers whose husband has Diabetes and she is happy to learn more. I have an ally at last. She is an older lady, whereas the Manager and Deputy Manager are much too young for the job and have not had enough experience of what poor diets can do to a person.

    I too wondered about some of the things being said. Thanks for bringing this up.

  • It was a very disappointing programme, no mention of sugar feeding on bad bacteria in the gut which in turn creates inflammation leading to many illnesses, gut health was not mentioned at all, astonishing really the lack of knowledge in this regard amongst so called health proponents.

  • It is just possible that what they said was correct, especially if they provided evidence to back it up. I didn't see the programme, but I wonder at the surety here that they are wrong. Unless you've seen some rigorous scientific proof somewhere that they are?

  • There is plenty of evidence that artificial sweeteners are lethal to health on the internet Chancery.

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