This Must Not Be Missed re All Autoimmune Diseases

This is the link re all Autoimmune Diseases. It's on now.

Episode 1 Overview

What really is auto-immune disease?

The true impact of auto-immune disease in US and other countries. What is functional medicine and how is it different from conventional medicine?

The facts behind why medication is not the core solution. Inspirational personal case studies of patients being healed by the functional medicine protocols.

Who is Dr. Tom O'Bryan and what's his purpose with the 'Betrayal' documentary series?

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  • This has now finished but continues tomorrow I believe and the topic rheumatoid arthritis but they have covered some autoimmune diseases tonight and thyroid was mentioned a few times.

    The best quote was by a doctor who said that a doctor's duty was 'caring' for his patients and to get them well again in as natural way as possible, diet, nutrition, etc etc.

  • Brilliant brilliant and even more.Brilliant thanks for posting

  • It was the courtesy of our member bluepettals but I thought her post might be missed so put the title.

    I'm looking forward to tomorrow night's talk as I know three who have rheumatoid arthritis. It covers all autoimmune conditions I believe.

  • Thanks Shaws. Each episode is available for 24 hours so should be on the rest of today.

  • Many of the speakers are people I follow with Newsletters so I can keep on learning. So if you do not have time to watch or cannot buy the packages on offer then you can at least go to individuals websites and sign up for Newsletters.

  • Pls can anyone tell me how to connect to this program. I registered already about two times all I get is the preview and nothing else. Tanks

  • I hadn't sign up so If you click on the above link I think Episode 1 may be repeated. There are seven episodes altogether and tonight is about Rheumatoid Arthritis.

  • Fola, I have had to go back onto shaws link each time to get to these videos, I too signed up twice and have heard nothing apart from the emails telling me to get ready for the 14th November, then heard nothing at all on the day. Typical. :)

  • Yes I watched it and can recommend it. Worth watching!

  • Thanks for that one shaws, I had already registered, lots of email sent from them beforehand daily, but today when I was ready to watch it nothing came through on my emails :( not even in my Junk mail.

    I had a feeling someone on TUK would post it up, thankfully. :)

    Is the next video due tomorrow do you know ?

  • I'm not sure of times. It was only when I came in after 10p.m I got info and watched. I've been told its on for 24 hours, so I expect the 2nd will be sometime later this afteroon/evening I assume.

  • Thanks shaws, will look out for it. I must have missed them telling us the time of the next one,'cos I was trying to post it to Face Book before it disappeared. :)

  • Tank u so much Shaws.

  • Watching this episode 1 right now. Very interesting.

  • just watched it- thanks. Interesting, although I must admit, I would have preferred a condensed summary, it did get a bit sameish, look forward to the rest of the series though x

  • Because the episodes are being posted in the States they aren't available in the U.K. Until later in the day. I spotted the one yesterday at about 9pm last night and another version had been sent this afternoon by tom o' Brien.

    They are interesting but very much for the American market. They seem so much further ahead with treatment of autoimmune diseases with lots of experts and functional medicine practitioners.

  • Amazing video, really looking forward to the next one with information on rheumatoid arthritis.

    What a pity this type of doctoring wasn't more widely available in the U.K. Pity too our medics aren't more enlightened. You have to wonder why not.

  • They got rid of all the doctors that could do most of these things to put the remaining ones in straight jackets fearing for their livelihood. A very good point was made by one of the doctors yesterday that there's a special bond between patient and a 'caring' doctor. (dont ask me how this 1 appeared and I cannot get rid of it!)


  • I have so many symptoms. Millions of tests and no answers. I literally am in pain all day, have many symptoms of many diseases-again, no answers. Having another MRI In a few weeks. I'm only 20 & feel like I'm dying. So I don't even know if I have an autoimmune. Having blood drawn tomorrow for food sensitivity. I need some answers! Sorry, I just need to get my frustrations out. People just want to throw antidepressants at me. They don't work for me....

  • Still not received an email link for the Betrayal series, so thankfully I was able to re use your link again for the second episode shaws. :)

  • How did you get it to work? I'm trying that at the moment and nothing is happening even though episode 2 is unlocked?

  • Got it. Looking at comments at the end you've got to get it during a certain time frame as it just cuts off when it's time is up. Lots of people have missed bits.

    Very interesting videos. They've certainly got me thinking.

  • They start at an American time but I believe its then accessible for 24 hours.

    The made the 'leaky gut' simple to understand of how it occurs.

  • It is available viewing for a short while, maybe it is too late ? but I would have thought it would be showing the next video before cutting off F&ncas

    I will try shaws link again and see if I can get it to work and report back to you. :)

  • I clicked onto shaws link, it went onto the video, in the middle of the video is an arrow to press to start the video, did you try pressing it ?

  • I did all that and nothing happened then I went back and episode 2 was there set to go. Think it must just have been really slow.

    I was looking fir episode 3 this morning and found a link to sign up for the whole series so I've done that.

    I see episode 1is open again

  • Pleased you found episode 2, F&nc, I went to shaws link again today to find there was no episode 3 :(

    Tried again later, still not there, only a mention that episode 3 is happening soon, but when ???

    Excellent videos, presenters and lots for us to learn, but not a very good set up with emails and timing of the videos, if this is happening across the board to others, many might sadly lose interest.

  • It is not UK time and I think it's about lunchtime it starts. Have you signed up for an email alert? If so, check junk or spam mail.

  • Hi shaws, I signed up twice, (to be sure to be sure,) emails were sent to me right up to the day before, then nothing on the 14th Nov :)

    Checked junk/spam mail, nothing.

    One shouldn't assume, but I assumed that the videos would be the same time each day, I started watching episodes 1 & 2 in the mornings about 7am ish.

    Will look out for video 3 tomorrow morning. I miss my daily fix :)

  • So I've found a guy who has a clinic in Marylebone and Hertfordshire who looks at the root cause of auto immune disease. His website is very interesting and he is a specialist in Hashimoto. A consultation is £300 and then bloods etc are on top of that. It's going to cost a small fortune and I wonder if it's worth it? I watched episode 1 last night and it did all make sense. Has anyone on here used functional medicine or seen a person about the root cause of their Hashimoto?

  • Lindsayf - my personal thoughts are that (some/many) private practitioners of functional medicine in the UK are still answerable to the Regulator (GMC) who are only too keen to persecute those who think differently.

    Having consulted with two 'functional medicine' people in the UK, I was left none the wiser and with a wallet substantially depleted.

    From my experience I believe that the USA are far ahead with their thinking and enquiring minds. I also have Lyme disease and my American doctor has been a revelation.

  • Maybe if you enquire if he is able to prescribe natural thyroid hormones you'd have a better idea.

    Some doctors do prescribe but you might find the cost prohibitive.

    Private is expensive so you want to get your money's worth.

    If you got details of this doctor from he may have an open mind. Louise has a list of recommended doctors.

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