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Poor liver function

Having never been over weight ,Since being diagnosed hypo 3 years ago, I seem to have acquired a lovely roll of fat around my middle and now to ad insult to injury it would a pear that I have a fatty liver ! liver function test are always poor and I know I'm a little too fond of red wine, so I realise this will have to be cut down.

A friend of mine (also Hypo) mentioned that her liver function tests Is always poor. Is this yet another symptom of Hypo / Hashimoto ?

I've read that the liver is responsible for 80 % of the conversion of t4 to t3, which I assume mine is not managing if it's not functioning properly. This sounds like a vicious circle ...If being Hypo and under-medicated slows everything down, including liver function, then the poor liver function inhibits your ability to convert the t4 to the t3 needed . It's a downward spiral .

This may account for me only feeling well when I'm on a dose that the doctor says is too high, based on the low tsh level.

Does any one else have this problem ?

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Hi jabot,

I could have wrote this post exactly! Me too raised ALT's for at least a year i know about. Had ultrasound and confirmed fatty liver and gallstones (something i dare say to look forward to...not).

Funny how over the last 24 weeks of being on t3 only my ALT'S from reduced and are now in normal range!!

Saw my consultant on friday and briefly spoke about this. I said i didn't think it was a coincidence that this as happened but he didn't really answer me. Just saying something like as i am know well and active this will impove my function.

Yes i looked to be a poor converter from the start as one of the first correspondence letters mentioned the need to raise t4 to bring up t3 but if that didn't work then possibly look to taking t3.

Yes so your right, you don't stand a cat in hells chance of converting untill you improve you liver function, but how do you improve it?!!! I tried asking this but got nowhere. I cut down alcohol even though i only drank at weekend and upped my intake of water?!!!

Read up on NAFLD but could find an answer.

Hopefully now i'm on t3 only my liver function will stay in normal range.

Sparkly x

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Thanks for that, i am trying to get my endo to prescribe t 3/ t4 combo , I'm just waiting for the blood test results then he will decide realy pinning my hopes on getting it !


Poor liver funnction goes hand in hand with untreated hypothyroid

Strange how it corrects itself when on NDT but not on levo

Order milk thistle tincture and berberis tincture from

The larger sizes are more economical and take 10 drops of each in a little juice before bed every night for 3 weeks

Then milk thistle alone for months intersperse with berberis for just 3 weeks at a time

If your also subject to kidney or gallstones its good for them too

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