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how to up Levo dose

Hi All

Have just tried for 3weeks adding T3 to my Levo but it has made me feel so Ill that I want to revert to T4 and stabilise my system. I had been on Levo 87.5/day previously but dropped 4 weeks ago to 50 Levo plus T3. I am not sleeping at all and guess my adrenalin/cortisol has got messed up.

Could someone advise how fast I can increase T4 to where I was before please? I felt much better then

I did try T3 only for 3 months last year without success so it's clearly not for me!


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Hi Daffers

Sounds like your T4 is converting to T3, so you may not need T3. Best go to the Dr and ask for their guidance.

It can take a while for the body to adjust to T3, I started taking it in May, and it's only recently I have started to feel much better.

How much T3 were you taking?

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Hi Monica

Thanks for replying. Yes I have been told I am converting and a recent blood test showed T4 at 20 and T3 at 5. So at that dose of T4 I was converting . dr said I was 'above range' but guessed afterwards he was thinking of TSH! I was on 87.5/100 alt days of Levo, and felt overmed so thouhgt Levo might be building up in system. dr said drop to 75. Then I felt really hypo so thought 'add a bit of T3 might work !

I was advised to drop my T4 from 87.5 to 50, and add in 6.25 XT3. After a week assuming no problems, add a second dose after lunch. First 2,days -fantastic but since downhill all the way!

How did you add T3 and are you converting ? Has it been a rocky ride ?



Hi Daffers

I started on a very high dose, then reduced with the Endo guidance. I stopped Levo 6 years ago, I became thyrotoxic, because I was not converting So I have been on adrenal support, methylated folic acid and Vit D. 25mcg of T3 in the morning and armour in the after.


Hi again

I became toxic last year. It was horrible. but that was on T3 only and endo wasn't any help even though I was paying! Are you getting on well with your current regime ? I haven't tried NDT yet but haven't ruled it out.

What adrenal support do you take ?



Hi Daffers

I'm getting on with my regime, I'm taking Nutri

Adrenal extra. Taking armour at night, T3 in the morning.

All working so far


Great that it's working for you. You must have a very knowledgeable endo. lucky you!


Thanks Daffers, my Endo is great, I have a MSc in Nutritional Therapy, which also helps. 😃


Daffers, you can switch straight back to 87.5mcg Levothyroxine, no need to titrate.


phew thank you


I expect I will have this to go through when I start in cytomel. Any advice would be welcome 😊


I wish you good luck with it. I had such high hopes, first last year that T3 only would be the answer and just recently that T3 and T4 together would work. I do wonder if I lowered my Levo too much -trouble is, by the time I realised that I felt so ill I had to turn back.

It works well for lots of people on here and you will get great advice - I did and I'm very grateful

Best wishes


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