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Thank you Clutter and Heloise for your speedy replies.

Sorry I didn't reply yesterday I had the usual horrible night (Mon).

My neck the back of my head and ears were throbbing with pain. I was lying down willing it to go away (but it didn't!)

I feel so heady all the time. I don't know if it is lack of sleep, stiff neck or could I be taking too much NDT or all 3 together!!

I feel so STUPID my GP never mentioned Hashimotos. I just thought it was iodine/faulty genes, in fact, I didn't think much at all,did I !!!!!

Had I known I could have started the gluten free diet back in May when I changed my diet (veg,fruit,meat,fish,sea food,salad).

The only gluten I was eating was 2 slices of wholemeal bread!!!!!!!

I only drink water (for about 9 months now). I am starting the gluten free diet tomorrow as I have just bought some gluten free bread.

I tried the extra 1/2 grain on Monday but it was too much (I think i'm trying to rush things and getting myself into a pickle!) so I am back to 1 1/2 grains.

Could this still be too much? (I was on 100 mcg Levo).

I don't have any other symptoms of excess NDT.

What strength of iron should I be taking?

I am going to have a blood test done from Genova in a couple of weeks or do you think that I should have it done now? (I have been on Armour since 13/6/2015).

Should I have the one that includes RT3?

Thank goodness for the internet,Youtube, and forums like this!

There is so much information out there and I am reading and watching everything-SEVERAL TIMES!

It's taking a time to sink in but I will get there!!!!

I apologise for rambling on.

Thanks for listening.

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Janeelizabethruby, No need to feel stupid or beat yourself up if your GP didn't tell you that raised antibodies means you have thyroiditis (Hashimoto's). Why should you understand what it means :)

1.5 grains is equivalent to 112.5mcg Levothyroxine. Why not stick with 1.5 grains until you've had your blood test and you'll know for sure whether you need to increase dose. When you are close to optimal dosing it can be better to increase slowly, say 1/4 grain, so you don't overshoot your sweet spot.

Try 210mg Ferrous Fumarate and take it with 500mg-1,000mg vitamin C to aid absorption and minimise constipation. Take iron 4 hours away from NDT.

I would certainly order TSH, FT4 and FT3. I'm not sure of the value of rT3.



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