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Sore mouth from b12 lozenges

Hi I'm supplementing with jarrows 5000mcg lozenges and I dissolve it under tongue. This make skin under tongue sore and then at some point in the day ill get little raised painful bumps on tongue ? Today I've woken with a mouth ulcer surely its linked I can work out its b12 as I alternate my b12 one day and b complex another never together.

Could it be getting worse before it gets better?

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It sounds like to me you're actually reacting to the other ingredients in the lozenge that make the lozenge itself e.g. sweetener or sugar rather than the B12. Perhaps try some B12 drops instead and put those under your tongue and hold there for a minimum of 30 seconds. Apparently this technique is meant to help the body absorb the B12 sublingually just like sucking a lozenge. Good luck. :-)


Thank you annoyingly I've got two pots of the jarrows b12 to get through till I can change brands ☹


If they're unopened and sealed pots you may be successful in selling them on Ebay? I've had to frustratingly abandon pots of supplements because I haven't tolerated them. I've got a carrier bag full of the things at the moment! If you can't sell them. Just leave them on the side-line for the moment and trial some drops? Best to get onto a regime that agrees with your body than forcing in remedies that your body doesn't tolerate. Because your body is then using valuable energy dealing with the negative effects of the remedy that's being taken. Later on you may either tolerate the lozenges at a later date or you may cross paths with a friend or family member who'd gratefully take them off your hands because they'd like to try them? I've learnt that all supplements are not the same and unfortunately that can make it harder as the consumer to know which brand to buy. Just thoughts. :-)


Why do you take B12 one day and B complex the next? Why not together? All you're doing is halving your dose of both.


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