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I have been diagnosed with both Hashimoto's thyroiditis and myasthenia gravis. Both my neurologist and my endocrinologist have said there is definitely a correlation between the two, in fact they have even tested me for other autoimmune disorders because according to them, if you have 1 autoimmune disorder you more than likely have more than 1 or will develope another. I am also borderline celiac, I avoid gluten all together.. Currently my symptoms for MG are ptosis of my left eyelid and joint and muscle symptoms for the hypo HM are leg and ankle swelling, 7 benign nodules on my thyroid, hairloss, hives on my neck and inner wrists, weight gain with the inability to lose even with diet and exercise, insomnia, lymph swelling, and heavy stiff legs even with rest plus achilles soreness... I don't have any breathing issues but I do choke randomly or food/water "goes down the wrong tube" and I am very clumsy, I fall easily 3 times a week even when walking in flats.

I am only 28 and female, my doctor feels like I will eventually go into remission from the MG but I will not take Prednisones Due to the fact that I am already gaining weight from the thyroid issues. Currently I was just switched from 100mg of levothroxine to 125mg of synthroid and I take 60mg 4 times a day of mestinon, I take vitamin d and b-complex daily along with a multi.. If anyone knows of any other supplements or treatments or even diet modifications please let me know.. I have really studied a lot about both of my issues but I feel like I am at the point that I need to speak with others that are going through this to..

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Yes your Doc is correct - autoimmune issues hunt in packs it seems ! I have Hashimotos and Crohns ! Am wondering if you have any recent blood test results with ranges - then people can advise. Are you converting the T4 into T3 ? What is Mestinon ? How much D are you taking ? The B Complex will not give you adequate B12.... Have you had Ferritin - Folate - Iron - B12 - VitD tested as well ?

Keeping our gut healthy is so important for preventing auto-immune issues. We need to heal the gut to prevent unwanted molecules leaking out from the gut - alerting the immune system - which then creates anti-bodies for various conditions. Perhaps read the Brain Maker - a good read about how health goes wrong in the gut. We evolved with helpful bacteria - but modern lifestyles and anti-biotics have upset that balance and therefore our health. You have made an excellent start by going gluten free. It does not work for everyone but many benefit....

Sorry - lots of questions :-)


I don't have MG and I don't know anything about it, but it did get a mention in an article I read and posted a link to yesterday :


I don't know whether there will be any clues for you in the article, but MG is mentioned several times.


Hi, I have Hashimoto's and Addison's Disease and neurologist suspects I have Myasthenia Gravis, going for Nerve Conduction Test next week and will hear results of blood test for MG next week...


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