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Just got letter for health assessment from DWP. Scared! What should I do?

So got letter through from DWP and for assesssment and see them in three weeks time. I'm terrified! Anyone who knows me knows I hate doing nothing and would love to work and even have been offered to do apprentiship at pre school but because health is so up and down because of this stupid disease i can't do that. Last couple of weeks I've even had to miss college because of health. I do volunteer at pre school and do do paid childminding once a week on Wednesday but with volunteering I can choose when I go in and feel up to it.

Saw neuroglist who said it's all mostly down to hashimotos thyroditis, having ultrasound of thyroid tomrrow and in few weeks a EEG and NCS.

Advice please! Anyone else got called for assessment?

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Go on to Benefits and work site. Good info on the site plus you can email for advice. Definitely worth subscribing for a year as they take you through handling medicals and the proper way to fill out forms and alert you to the way they try to catch you out.its really worth taking the time to prepare well.

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The first thing they ask you to do is verify your identity. This is a con, if you refuse for any reason they won't do the assessment. Sorry to be negative but hope its a very bad day when you go as they allways assume you will get better (Even if like me you have arthritis that gets worse as you get older not better) I wish you luck but don't be scared, whatever happens will happen.


Benefits & work is an excellent site for all the advice you need, good luck !!


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