Endo says I'm normal now what do I do???

Hello I've just been to see the so called specialist today, said I'm normal even tho I'm outside the range on 2 of my tests and way off optimal, didn't even mention about my high antibodies, doesnt want to run other tests such as adrenals... Have been self medicating this last 6 weeks because I couldn't go on and i have cleared a lot of my symptoms but still didn't listen! I have a 1 inch nodule and a goitre and all he wants to do is have of back in 6 months to check it's not going... So if I hadn't self medicated I'd still be gaining weight, unable to work from fatigue and brain fog and have a fat puffy neck to mention but a few...I'm so annoyed as I want to have a baby soon and know that the risk is high for miscarriages not to mention the health implications of being hypo. I'm going to docs to moan and ask for a second opinion by a younger practitioner who might actually know what he is talking about failing that considering a naturopath, can anyone recommend a good one in or near Bournemouth please? Thank you

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  • Hi. Do you have your test results? If you can post them, someone may be able to find some evidence as to why you need treatment with those results :)

    It is well known by anyone in the medical profession with half a brain that to conceive and carry to term, your TSH needs to be below 2 at the very least, especially if your T4 is on the low side.

    You could email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org.uk for a list of private doctors that are reported to be good. I don't know if she also has a list of NHS doctors.

    Hopefully someone with some information of doctors in your area will be along shortly.

    Carolyn x

  • Hi yes I have the list of private doctors I think this will be my next move. My results are or were a few months ago as follows...

    Tsh 3.8

    T3 4.2

    T4 11

    Antibody 374

    Thank you

  • Hi ,please could you give me your list of private doctors am desperate to find one that cares enough to do do all the tests necessary to diagnose thyroid, thanks.

  • Who do you send your test results to?

  • If you post them on here as a question, people may be able to advise what they mean :)

  • I haven't got the courage to self-medicate so I really admire what you have done. I know what it's like to be fobbed off :(

  • Thank you. I started on a very low dose of t3 and slowly increased it until I got the right level, you know when your on too much as you get a racing heart. If I hadn't have started taking something I wouldn't be able to work and i wasn't going to be defeated. It has helped me so much. think I will see a private naturopath off the list soon as they are the only ones who want to work out why your ill and not just leave you ill

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