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Just got this notification from Pulse Learning

"Thyroid issues can be a contentious issue with patients and patient groups, particularly with the ease of access to Dr Google, and the pre-conceived ideas people can present with regarding their treatment.

In our module on hypothyroidism, consultant endocrinologist Dr Bijay Vaidya will update you on diagnosis and treatment of both overt and subclinical hypothyroidism, advice to give to patients who have used Google, as well as how to manage the condition in pregnancy. You will also learn:

- Clinical features of hypothyroidism

- Treatment pathways for overt and subclinical hypothyroidism

- Initial management of hypothyroidism in pregnancy"

Sounds ominous: "advice to give to patients who have used Google" (of course there's only one search engine in the world). Anyone got a high enough subscription level to do the course and find out what they are saying?

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It really is quite unlikely that people will find Pulse, Pulse Learning, British Thyroid Association, British Thyroid Federation, American Thyroid Association, PubMed,, private hospitals, BUPA, Spire, Cochrane, and so many other highly establishment-based and oriented sites without using some sort of search engine. Whether DuckDuckGo or that other one I can't recall... :-)

Of course, some search engines are very good at finding their previous publications which just might not be what they want you to remember. Especially the Rapid Responses on BMJ:

How can the medical establishment at one and the same time complain both about patients trying to understand their issues and doing the best they can, and about others who nonchalantly take no interest whatsoever?


Pity that the drs do not bother to use search engines .

If they did they may learn something about conditions especially thyroid disorders.


Have sent the link to BMJ Rapid Responses to the Medical Director and head of the laboratory at the local hospital.


Excuse me, but what exactly is Pulse Learning for us novices? 😊


It's not for WE novices, it's for THEM novices. The doctoring folk. :-)


It's beyond a joke, really, isn't it? The training is for doctors, to learn ways to deal with patients who find out the truth about thyroid treatment.

It's hard to even imagine something so hilarious as doctors being taught how to cover up their lack of knowledge. Surely, one of them will have a little look on google, and start to work out what's going on?

The good news is that we are quite clearly starting to get through to them, and doctors must be complaining about it.

We must needle them even more ...........


What a good link with lovely references that are new to me. Thanks helvella.


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