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Delay in getting results

Feeling totally lost and looking for advice....I had a total thyroidectomy in May this year, post op told it was hashimotos....thyroid sent for testing, post op appointment results not back and told they had sent it on for further examination to The Royal Marsden cancer hospital and to come back in a couple of weeks and the results should be appointment still no results and told not to worry.....if it was anything nasty they would know by now, I rang The Marsden and left voicemail but no one got back to me so I left it a while and rang again this was end of August and I had another appointment booked for 7th September.......finally got through to ?The Marsden who informed me they sent the results back to the hospital I was attending on 1st July!!!......well I though they keep saying if it was anything nasty they would have told me by now so have been fairly relaxed about it.....anyway turned up on the 7th only to be greeted by a registrar who sat back in his chair and asked why I was there??!!!! I was taken aback by this statement.....thought they read the notes before seeing a patient?? Obviously not!! So I said I'm here for the results which I have been told were sent here on the 1st July.....he looked at his computer then scuttled off for ten minutes came back and's bad that point my heart flipped, then he continued to say it's bad news we haven't got the results....make an appointment in 2 weeks and ring a few days in advance to check we have I did, I rang the Thursday before the appointment and was told sorry we don't have the results......well I just saw red.....rang the complaints department and told them my situation.....had to leave this message on voicemail and asked if someone could ring me them my mobile number and saying it's my work mobile please leave me a message if I can't pick up, and I will just let you know my job is an NHS Complaints Advocate.....well this message was left at 4.50pm and by the next day at 08.54am I received a call from the complaints department informing me they had resent the results and the hospital would ring to confirm they had received them.....shortly after the hospital rang me to say they had the results by fax and they would be available for my appointment on the 21st on the Monday off I went relaxed with the thought that everyone had kept saying it will be fine if they had found anything I'd know by in I go....sat down with my surgeon who announced it was not good news I have early stage in fact I've gone nearly 3 months undiagnosed yet with a confirmed diagnosis of lymphoma......I am so angry!!! I feel let down not by any person but by the system, the way in which results are transfers from hospital to hospital......and lost!!.....anyone have any idea what treatment maybe offered to me?? Any advice is very welcome.

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That is a terribly long wait to get your results. You heart jumping when he first said 'it's bad new' then explained it was bad news about not receiving the results.

Finally to be told you have a lymphoma. The certainly jumped when you told them your job and probably scuttled around looking for your results.

I would also have though they would have sent your GP a copy of the results but you can never tell these days.

I cannot say what the protocol is but someone will respond.

It is more than disgraceful - incompetence and neglect.


Oooh Mrsgee,

This is so terrible and I feel for you.

I don't know the treatment for lymphoma but wanted you to know I sympathise.


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So angry? Mrsgee you have every reason to feel angry. Furious. Foot stamping livid.

Thankfully you have this forum and we can hear just how you feel, and empathise.

Didn't the surgeon explain what is likely to happen? your GP?

I don't know where you live, but hopefully there is a kindly Macmillan nurse who will be able to offer support to you. Contact your GP practice and ask what help and support is available. They should know of local support for you.

With big hugs ((()))


Thank you everyone.....fell better for having a rant and some understanding.....the only thing the GPHas is my discharge letter which I had to take to the surgery myself following the op in May......then found out the endocrinologist who insisted I needed the op had discharged me and the GP said there was no reason to re refer me as I had no thyroid so no problem!!!! Then luckily about a month ago when having routine bloods I saw a locum Dr and I asked again for a referral and he agreed so now I await an appointment from him but I the meantime have had the lymphoma diagnosis......there appears to be such a failing in communications it's unreal!!! Thank you all your support means such a lot.....hugs to you all xx


Oh Mrs gee

I am sorry you have had to go through this. This is not acceptable in any way. I hope you carry through a complaint.

I have just agreed to have a total thyroidectomy and it's taken over a month for referable letter to reach the booking dept for an initial consultation with surgeon!!

Love the NHS but it needs to sort itself out.

Sending hug and hope you get the best treatment you deserve



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