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Vitamins & Probiotics help needed please

Hi Everyone, im fed up of having infection after infection and after researching i understand i may have to strenghten my immune system but i am totally clueless what to buy that will help, so im hoping you all will be able to advise me. I am also on daily antibiotics as a profolactic, and have had a bombardment of antibiotics over the past couple of years and think i may also need to take a probiotic suppliment to help put some good bacteria back, which may help me stop getting these nasty infections in my water. I currently take 150mg Levothyroxine & Ferrous Fumerate daily. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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Benjamin, you could try going gluten free. Some people report good results when they have done that. I'm in remission from Graves but for a very long time I took 1000mgc of vitamin C, I took it after a dental procedure, it was recommended to help with the healing and when I started in carbimazole my pharmacist told me to take vitamin C too.

Get your B12, vitamin D, ferret and folates checked out - you want them all to be high in their ranges to help your thyroid. My B12 was just within the range so I supplement with Jarrows sublingual B12 and I use a daily vitamin D spray. Get tested first though before you start taking vitamins although I've never tested for vitamin C. I take a probiotic too, think that's a good idea if you are or have been taking antibiotics. Do you make sure to take lots of fluids if you have water infections?

I'm sure others will come along with more advice :)


Hi Fruitandnutcase,

Thank you for your reply, can i ask can you have Graves if you have an underactive Thyroid ? I dont know but im sure i was advised you can only get Graves with an overactive Thyroid. I do have Pernicious anemia which i have 3 monthly injections b12. My ferritin was 7 so i started taking Ferrous fumerate daily and ive felt better since my levels have risen to 31 now but i still get red sore eyes, headaches, and fatigue so im completly confussed as to whats going on.


Sorry, I don't think I made that as clear as I could have done, Graves is overactive with antibodies.

I am not underactive which is why I can only say that I've read that some people who are under active have had success with going on a GF diet.

If you felt you needed to you could boost your B12 between injections by sucking Jarrows sublingual B12 methylcobalamin.

It would be worth going to see an optician about your sore eyes, they can do a simple tear break up test to find out whether or not they are dry.

Dry eyes really hurt and you can help them by using preservative free eye drops several times a day and also by holding a hot compress over them - you can buy an Eye Bag that you put in the microwave for a few seconds or just squeeze a facecloth under hot water and put that over your closed eyes a few times which is what I prefer to do.

That might help the headaches too. When my eyes are particularly bad - usually because they have improved and I get fed up putting eye drops in - my whole face hurts and my head aches.

I think tiredness and exhaustion goes with both over and under active thyroid problems. I hope you get sorted out soon.


Hello Benjamin1,

you might want to research Saccharomyces boulardii, glutamine and a high strength probiotic (without food) also oil of oregano (with food) alongside a gluten free diet.

I recently did a repeat hair test (Bionetics) and discovered that I wasn't absorbing key minerals and vitamins despite eating and supplementing well. The results indicated which nutrients were lacking. My hair root was then used (in the follow up free consultation) to identify which mineral would eradicate unwanted visitors! I'm now taking those key replacement minerals and vitamins in liquid form. Thankfully I have noticed a big difference in the past week already.

Unfortunately I can't remember where I found this recipe but it tastes great. This immune system booster smoothie tastes good and easily adapted you do need a good blender.

2 tsps Organic greens

1 avocado

2 lumps of frozen spinach

3 sprigs parsley

1/4 cucumber

handful of frozen/fresh blueberries

2 tsps Baobab powder

1/2 tsp tumeric

1 tsp coconut oil

1/2 lemon juice

2-3 cups of apple juice with/out elderflower

1/2 tsp Himalayan salt

To your good health Benjamin1 - Enjoy!




I would advise taking the herb cats claw an immune booster and fighter of infection also eat organic yogurts daily. Be well soon.


Thank you all for your replies & very very helpful information. I will give it a go & let you know how i get on.

Thank you


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