Panic over

Hi everyone,

A few days ago i posted about my anxiety with a CT scan with iodine contrast.

Well yesterday i had the scan with contrast and had no problems whatsover. I was however very very nervous and nearly backed out. I asked the radiographer lots of questions and needed a step by step account of what was going to happen. The staff were brilliant, gave me time and answered all my questions and the rest was up to me. Now i think what was all the fuss about..oh well

Two wees earlier i had to have an mri scan. The machine that the hospital used was a new model and was a little larger inside that some models There was also a mirror on the top and i was able to see around the room.

Going for these scans i have met many many people who have anxiety with scans of all kinds....i think it helps to talk about our fears and look for ways to overcome them.

I hope this helps anyone else with anxiety when facing investigations......


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  • I'm glad it worked out well and caused you no problems, Yorks.

  • me too.....

  • well done you , just proves that the anxiety of the somewhat unknown can be worse than the actual event . last year my lady had to go through radiation treatment for t.e.d. and was having kittens about it , until someone here -- I believe it was clutter -- posted a video to us showing exactly what was involved , she cannot be enclosed whatsoever , and on seeing it the panic was totally over .........alan x

  • Yes well done me and everyone else who overcomes their fears one way or another. I think sometimes im more afraid of my panic than the actual investigation..its the what ifs, what if im sick and choke, my heart gives in, i goes on.

    Thank goodness for this site and clutter.


  • exactly my point , this site and the many good people here have and will 'bolster' us up in the right way ...... which is why I will always support them in what they are doing for me and everyone else past, now & in the future ....... only god knows where we would have been before ............. I cannot thank them enough & will NEVER EVER FORGET ....alan xx

  • Thanks for posting that yorkshiregirl! I'm sure that there will be many of us who may need this kind of examination, just because it is becoming a more and more common diagnostic technique, and to have our minds set at rest like this will go a long way towards getting things sorted quickly.

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