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Panic and anxiety

Keep waking up with a sudden panic attack where i just want to escape and run away away. Full of fear at that time but theres nowhere to run to.

I think the panic turns into anxiety because it goes onto far too long for a a panic attack.

I think im just wanting some kind of reassurance here because iv had these episodes for qute some time on and off and should be used to them.

Iv tried counting from 100 backwards, reading, going on the internet anything to take my mind away from the helps slightly and then it starts up again.

Iv an appointment later this morning to speak to my doctor about it...feeling so tired yet cant sleep in fear of this.

Any ideas please


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I've been feeling very similar. I feel like Im going crazy. I cant control what I say or do, Im angry at the slightest thing, over-emotional, depressed, anxious, paranoid, sensitive, feelings of low self worth, but the worst is the racing mind, its like Im torturing myself with my own thoughts. I've been obsessing over things that are very unlikely to happen and get in such a state over it and it has taken over me. It became really bad when I started Levo (block and replace). It's got a little better but now I'm convinced I've got ovarian cancer.

I can't decide if this is all due to thyroid, Levo or menopause (I'm almost 49).


Your racing thoughts are rumanators,,these are thoughts that are uncontrollable, no matter how much you try and shift them , they won't go, your fear is cancer, I no my friend I've had the thoughts myself, even sometimes I feel, but what if. Have you been tested for graves D? Estrogen surges can cause cause you more hypo. I bet think it's the meds as I have this sometimes and I'm not medicated. X


You have described me to a over anxious, sensative, over emotional all the time, going around in this hyped trance state, cant focus, feeling terrible. I think mine did start pre-menapause im 55 now but still getting anxiety symtoms.

We dont make our symptoms up but i remember one week thinking id got addisons at the beginning of the week by the end of it id convinced myself it was cushings....both extreme ends of the spectrum...glad to say it was neither. Whether it is thyroid alone or something else i dont know but it feels terrible.


Hi hun, anxiety and fear is a symptom in its self. Like you said distraction is the best policy, I can have these sometimes and this comes out of the blue. Fear creates the anxiety and a responce would be to flee. You said you have had these on and off for a while now, can you notice a pattern, what I mean , r you having hyper symptons? Only to find days or weeks later you are hypo? ,think about what you was thinking about before the fear began. Your getting yourself in a pickle and quite rightly so!!! Write down on a piece of paper at bedtime what you are thinking, feeling and then put it in a draw. Also there is another tecneque, when attack comes tap your head, cheaks lips , head, chest, repeat until anxiety goes away. This is a distraction for any patient experiencing fear and anxiety. So sorry you are having these symptoms, hopefully like myself we will get some answers soon. Xx


merissa are you talking about EFT? The premise is not based on distraction though I guess it can have that function too.

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Thats a good way of looking at it. I dont know what starts them when im asleep but when im awake it can be as simple as the burning pain in my shoulders might be from my heart..when the reality of it is i get this all the time and dont have heart problems. Then i have brain fog and think it might be a stroke....and so it goes on...


Anxiety is a big hypo symptom for me.

Please don't feel you 'should be used to' something so distressing. That's like expecting yourself to be used to a recurring wave of intense pain or nausea. It is not normal to feel panic when you're safe and when you find out what's wrong and correct it you should return to feeling comfortable. This kind of panicky anxiety is horrible. x


It is horrible..its the being out of control feeling thats the worst.



Remember being both overactive and underactive can mess with your brain. There was a very informative article on this site yesterday about thyroid impacts on mental health. I remember 'the dreads' from when I was overactive and occasionally a weird euphoria. Once my thyroid was removed and I went underactive T3 helped; T3 only has helped me to manage stressful situations which left me a jelly lump before. It is also worth mentioning that low B12 can cause similar feelings. I used to do relaxation visualisation with my mum when she was really suffering and couldn't sleep because of her anxiety, but as soon as she started with B12 replacement her anxiety went away. I hope you get to the bottom of it. Take care.Sandra


Thanks i hope i do get to the bottom of it. It does really help that people understand...


What you seem to describe from your panic attack, is very typical of the adrenaline 'flight/flight' response ie wanting to run away. I believe what sometimes makes these symptoms worse or last longer ie rate rate increasing, rapid breathing, dizzy etc is the fearful thoughts we have about these symptoms eg 'I must be having a heart attack' 'i cannot breath' 'I'll collapse' 'I'm going crazy' 'I'll choke' etc. If this is the case, then please believe these events WILL NOT happen. The anxiety should then fade quicker, than if we worry about these symptoms. Often when we have such symptoms we focus on them more so they could increase, again maintaining the anxiety taking it longer to fade. This is like having fear of fear. Hope this helps in addition to the other replies you've had.


I have been suffering from Anxiety/panic attacks for the past 3 years, I was diagnosed with Panic disorder and Agoraphobia. It was only recently I discovered the link between Hypothyroid and this and have made it my life's mission to get to the bottom of it, I am not prepared to accept that a relatively outgoing fun loving confident person can just become debilitated by these horrendous episodes! I have been Hypo for 10+ years and taking 100mcg of Levothyroxine, I have discovered that I am actually still Hypo despite taking medication TSH 11.2, so I am under medicated at the moment until my T3 results come back, I am also vit D deficient. I've had my B12 tested this morning as these symptoms can happen as a result if low B12. All I would say is don't just accept this as being normal take control and do whatever it takes to make yourself better....we know our own bodies best. I have tried a technique called the Linden Method which has helped me somewhat also.

Good luck xxx


I think I read somewhere that this can be due to low blood sugar especially related to approaching menopause, can't remember the solution though - was it keep biscuits by bed?/ avoid big meals? Avoid eating late?


Feeling panicky when you are scared is completely normal. I find yoga in the day helps, don't watch the news, watch comedy (Father Ted does it for me every time...) meet up with a friend who makes you laugh. Read something that makes you feel good (The Help - I loved that) borrow a dog and go for a long walk even in the rain it is soothing. If you can't sleep try melatonin, it's a natural sedative....... you are very much not alone. Next month my son goes on his third tour of Afghanistan and I am looking at a lot of sleepless nights and enough Father Ted so I'll know all the words. xx


Hi yorkshiregirl,

So sorry to hear you're having such a tough time. As always, you'll know from this forum that you are definitely not alone & there is really good advice & support available which I imagine you'll find reassuring.

I'd suggest your thyroid meds/ condition exacerbate any underlying issues - I'm a therapist & work a lot with anxiety, panic etc. using various techniques including (self) hypnosis, TFT (the foundation for EFT mentioned above), NLP etc. I'm not in your area but can recommend a similarly qualified & experienced colleague/ member of my professional body, if you'd like to PM me with your locality etc.

Take heart - I absolutely believe your situation is resolvable & you will feel a lot better with the right support...


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