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Update on my T3 only therapy

How are you others on T3 only doing lately?? I am on 30mg T3 spread over the day and think I need a little extra dose at bedtime as not quite there yet. I feel better on T3 only but not optimum yet...better than when i was on thyroxine (I wasnt absorbing it properly low after a year) I have fibromyalgia etc so sometimes hard to tell what is what.

I havent got my blood results from two days ago but am gonna post them from when I was on 20mg and when I was on 30mg as soon as I see my endo again I will get a copy for my records to see whats happening.

Maybe I will need like another 5 before sleeping or something who knows? Seeing her on the 6th....

Take care and tell me whats happening on your T3 journeys!

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Hello Anuba,

I am pleased you are feeling much better on T3.

Hopefully you might even find that some your fibromyalgia symptoms improve too.

I recently added T3 to my T4 and feel much better too.



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