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Parathyroid question!

I know this may be an unlikely scenario, but has anyone had a parathyroid adenoma removed and then to have another parathyroid go bad. Recently, I had an ultrasound and they found three nodules, mind you these were not there just a year ago when I had the parathyroidectomy. The radiologist thought that two of them looked like parathyroid adenomas and the other was a thyroid nodule. They did look different to my untrained eye in that the two was a dense white oval shape and the other was a black hole. They ordered a Sestamibi scan which was done at the local hospital in a small town. It was negative. I've read there's up to (I think) a 22% false negative rate with sestamibi scans and that could be due in part to the inexperience of the technicians who perform them in these smaller hospitals. I should of refused having it done there and had them refer me back to the place where I had the surgery done in St Louis. My throat is often sore and shirt collars feel snug, but I cant really feel any lumps on my throat. Anybody had anything similar to happen, but Id take any suggestions or opinions. Thanks!

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Have a look at hyperparathyroid.org.uk

There are a few members on that forum who have had more than one parathyroidectomy.

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Thank-you, much appreciated!


I had surgery in May in Tampa at the Norman Parathroid Center. My experience with the small town I live in was not positive at all. My scan was negative as well but the ultrasound positive. I then knew I needed to be somewhere that dealt with just the parathyroid gland and removal. My experience inTampa was 100% positive. I had two tumors removed and my blood work is now normal. It was such a positive experience.

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