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need increase ?

Hi I'm on 50mcg of Levo since April started feeling unwell again so had bloods done my results were

T4 16.9 TSH 2.41 vitD 53.5

Still waiting for T3 ... In July my tsh was 0.85 and T4 18 and I felt fine :) don't know if I will get a increase as GP receptionist saying in range grrr

Think I will have a fight on my hands ? :( any thoughts please ? Xxxx

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You've been on a 50mcg dose of levo too long. You should have had an increase by 25mcg about every 6 weeks till your symptoms were relieved. Doctors are happy when our TSH is somewhere in range and pronounce us well but ignore our symptoms which is the purpose of taking thyroid hormones.

Your TSH is too high. We usually feel better when TSH is around 1 or below. Some doctors misunderstand the difference between a patient who doesn't have hypo symptoms and the one who does.

Ask for a 25mcg increase because you don't feel well. The blood test should be as early as possible and don't take levo for approx 24 hours before it. Take it afterwards. Also fast but you can drink water. This helps our TSH to be a little higher if the doctor only takes notice of it and not the patient.


Hi shaws I was put on 25mcg for a few weeks then up to 50mcg and I felt ok and with a tsh of 0.85 felt fine :) didn't help that I took my Levo before my blood test grrr my vitamin D was 53 so maybe that needs to go up a bit ? I'm hoping the gp lets me increase as all my symptoms have returned :( I know he will say your T4 is 16.9 !! But I'm still waiting for T3 to come back ! Thanks for your advice if he doesn't agree a increase I may have to self medicate myself as I'm struggling to stay at work :(

Many thanks I will update you on my progress ! Xxx


Lyn, your July results were also in range :) Read the Treatment Options comments in If you want to show your GP the Pulse article when you request a dose increase email for a copy.

D3 53 is a bit low. 75-200 is optimal. Supplement 5,000iu D3 for 6-8 weeks and then reduce to 5,000iu alternate days.


Hi clutter thank you for the info ,my gp rang me and agreed to increase my levo to 75mcg ,which I'm pleased about :) i am starting again on the vitamin D ,but he was worried as my B12 is 2000 way over range but i was having injections every 12 weeks last one being in May ,I have also been taking a complex which has a small dose of b12 .. i am a bit concerned as it can be a sign of something sinister :( i picked up my results and the path lab didnt do the FT3 grrrrrrr not happy it just said on the form ..FT3 NOT clinically indicated sample will be kept for 5 days if there is concern please contact pathologist ! I think this is terrible i wanted to know what was active in my body ? looks like i will have to pay Bio Lab again if i want to know !

thank you for your time xxxxx


Lyn, if your GP is prepared to call the pathologist the lab will probably do the FT3. There may be sinister connotations when B12 is naturally very high but not when supplementing or having injections as it's supposed to be high and isn't sinister.


Thank you Clutter ,i will ask him if he can call them ? yes i thought that but my last injection was May and only taking a tiny amount in a complex so I'm going to stop that now and retest in 3 months . Thank you so much xxx


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